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Version 2.0 of the Form 831 Disability Records data set contains information on the initial medical determination for HRS respondents applying for disability benefits under Title II (Social Security) and Title XVI (Supplemental Security Income-SSI). Information is available for 792 respondents and 166 deceased spouses.

The primary keys for this table are HHID, PN, PERSON, BIC, RID, FLD_Y, FLD_M, DODEC_Y and DODEC_M. FLD_D (day) and DODEC_D (day) have been dropped. In an effort to help display individual records that may appear to be duplicates due to the drop of the day variables, the sequence variable SEQ - SEQUENCE NUMBER FOR PRIMARY KEY USE has been created. Note: Use PERSON to separate respondents from deceased spouses.

N: Information is available for 792 respondents and 166 deceased spouses.
Product Type: SSA Administrative Data
Entry Cohort Info: All
Latest Release: June 2012 (v2.0)


For each public release data set all geographic variables have been aggregated to the Census Division level. Files derived from SSA administrative data may not be merged with any data containing geographic identifiers at a level of aggregation finer than Census Division. In addition they may not be merged with any other Restricted Data Set(s) without the explicit written permission of the Health and Retirement Study.

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