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The file set included in this distribution package contains information on Deceased Spouse Detail Earnings derived from permissions obtained from the CODA and War Baby Cohorts (1998 and 2000) and all cohort members in 2004 and 2006.

Product Type: SSA Administrative Data
Entry Cohort Info:
Version Notes:

The files in this data set should be used in conjunction with the Respondent Cross-Year Benefits file.

Latest Release: January 2010 (V1.0)


Users should be aware that records for a given deceased spouse can appear in more than one file set. It is possible, for example, that information on the same deceased spouse was provided by SSA for the AHEAD permission set, the 2004 permission set, and the 2006 permission set. In situations such as this, the most recent benefits information should be considered to be the most accurate.

For each public release data set all geographic variables have been aggregated to the Census Division level. Files derived from SSA administrative data may not be merged with any data containing geographic identifiers at a level of aggregation finer than Census Division. In addition they may not be merged with any other Restricted Data Set(s) without the explicit written permission of the Health and Retirement Study.

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