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This file contains one record per year for each of 16,097 consenting respondents in the HRS, CODA/War Baby, 2004, 2006, and/or 2008 permission sets who received wages during years 1980-2008, and whose records were available in the Master Earnings File (MEF). There are 259,806 respondent-earning year records in the file. Information is provided for years 1980 through 2008.

N: 16,097
Product Type: SSA Administrative Data
Entry Cohort Info: All
Version Notes:

This data set supersedes all previous Respondent Detail Earnings releases.

Latest Release: October 2010 (v3.0)


Geographic information in HRS public release data sets is recoded to Census Division categories. Files derived from SSA administrative data may merged with these data sets, but may not be merged with any data containing geographic identifiers at a level of detail below Census Division. In addition, data sets derived from SSA administrative data may not be merged with any other restricted data set(s) without the explicit written permission of the Health and Retirement Study.

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