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This restricted data product contains one data set that provides detailed respondent-level industry and occupation information for interviewing years 1992 through 2014. These variables are masked in all public files.

N: 38,183
Product Type: Industry/Occupation
Entry Cohort Info: HRS; CODA; WB; EBB; MBB
Version Notes:
  • Covers the following years: HRS cohort (1992—2014); CODA cohort (1998—2014), War Baby cohort (1998—2014), Early Boomers (2004—2014); Mid Boomers (2010—2014);
  • Includes updates for 2014
Latest Release: March 2016 (v4.0)


Collected for all HRS, CODA, War Baby, Early Boomer and Mid Boomer respondents in baseline years; new respondents and respondents with new jobs in out years. Special AHEAD coding is available for 1993, 1995 and 1998; see DR-021 for details.

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