HHID Household Identifier
PN Person Number
POSITION Medication: List Number
P1E1A Medication: Name and dosage
P1DRUGNAME Medication: Drug Name (Edit from E1A)
P1BRANDNAME Medication: Brand Name (Edit from E1A)
P1PRODSTRGTH Medication: Product Strength (Edit from E1A)
P1E1B Medication: Date filled
P1E1C Medication: Dosage instructions
P1E2 Medication: How long taking
P1E3 Medication: Out-of-pocket cost
P1E5A Medication (Dis)Agree: Important
P1E5B Medication (Dis)Agree: Side effects
P1E5C Medication (Dis)Agree: Too expensive
P1E5D Medication (Dis)Agree: Best available
P1E6 Medication: Missed dose in last year
P1E7A Medication Missed dose: Cost
P1E7B Medication Missed dose: Side effects
P1E7C Medication Missed dose: Away from home
P1E7D Medication Missed dose: Forget

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