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User Guides are designed to provide analysts with documentation about the concepts, measures and questions in the HRS surveys. These reports expand upon the information found in codebooks, questionnaires and data descriptions. They also provide comprehensive descriptions of created measures (including their origin), changes made across waves, variable distributions, results from data quality analysis, information about the data structure of individual HRS surveys, and information on special data manipulation topics.

Nolte, Michael A. , Megan Turf and Marita A. Servais. Occupation and Industry Coding in HRS/AHEAD (2014). [PDF]

Weir, David R., Ryan McCammon, Lindsay Ryan, and Kenneth Langa. Cognitive Test Selection for the Harmonized Cognitive Assessment Protocol (HCAP) (2014). [PDF]

Crimmins, Eileen, Jessica Faul, Jung Ki Kim, Heidi Guyer, Kenneth Langa, Mary Beth Ofstedal, Amanda Sonnega, Robert Wallace and David R. Weir. Documentation of Biomarkers in the 2006 and 2008 Health and Retirement Study (2013). [PDF]

Gwenith G. Fisher, John J. McArdle, Ryan J. McCammon, Amanda Sonnega, and David R. Weir. New Measures of Fluid Intelligence in the HRS (2013). [PDF]

James Wagner, Richard Valliant, Frost Hubbard, Charley Jiang, University of Michigan. Level-of-Effort Paradata and Nonresponse Adjustment Models for a National Face-to-Face Survey (2013). [PDF]

Smith, Jacqui, Gwenith Fisher, Lindsay Ryan, Philippa Clarke, Jim House and David R. Weir. Psychosocial and Lifestyle Questionnaire 2006 - 2010: Documentation Report (2013). [PDF] Please note that this replaces an earlier version of this report.

Gwenith G. Fisher, Halimah Hassan, Willard L. Rodgers, and David R. Weir. HRS Imputation of Cognitive Functioning Measures: 1992 - 2008 (2011). [PDF]

Ofstedal, Mary Beth; David R. Weir; Kuang-Tsung (Jack) Chen; James Wagner. Updates to HRS Sample Weights (2011). [PDF]

HRS Staff. Alternate Wave Question Cross-Reference Table (2010). [PDF]

HRS Staff. Resources for Analysis of Family Data (2010). This page brings together reference materials pertaining to HRS data content related to family issues. It contains direct links to relevant questionnaire areas, codebook content and bibliographic materials, as well as other background information.

Kapinos, Kandice, Charles C. Brown, Michael A. Nolte, Helena Stolyarova, and David R. Weir. Cross-Wave Prospective Social Security Wealth Measures of Pre-Retirees Public Release: Data Description and Usage (2010). [PDF]

Servais, Marita A. Overview of HRS Public Data Files for Cross-sectional and Longitudinal Analysis (2010). Please note that this replaces earlier versions of this report. [PDF]

Heeringa, Steven G., Gwenith G. Fisher, Michael D. Hurd, Kenneth M. Langa, Mary Beth Ofstedal, Brenda L. Plassman, Willard L. Rodgers and David R. Weir. ADAMS: Sample Design, Weighting and Analysis for ADAMS (2009). [PDF]

Levy, Helen G. and Italo Gutierrez. Documentation and Benchmarking of Health Insurance Measures in the Health And Retirement Study (2009). [PDF]

Crimmins, Eileen M., Heidi Guyer, Kenneth M. Langa, Mary Beth Ofstedal, Robert B. Wallace, and David R. Weir. Documentation of Physical Measures, Anthropometrics and Blood Pressure in the Health and Retirement Study (2008). [PDF]

Jenkins, Kristi R., Mary Beth Ofstedal and David R. Weir. Documentation of Health Behaviors and Risk Factors Measured in the Health and Retirement Study (HRS/AHEAD) (2008). [PDF]

Stolyarova, Helena, Michael A. Nolte, and Bob Peticolas. Pension Estimation Program Users Guide 2008 (Revised 2012) (2008). This is the documentation for the current version of the pension estimation program. It replaces HRS Documentation Report DR-004: Pension Estimation Program Documentation, Curtin, Lamkin, and Peticolas (1998) and Pension Estimation Program Users Guide, Peticolas and Stolyarova (2003). The data for the Pension Estimation Program were obtained by analyzing and codifying Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs) using the Pension Coding Program, a software product designed specifically for this purpose. The Pension Coding Program program replaced the paper-and-pencil coding instruments that were used in 1992. Researchers may wish to examine the Pension Coding Program Users Guide for information on HRS coding procedures. Note: The Pension Coding software package was developed for internal use only and is not available for distribution. [PDF]

National Institute on Aging. Growing Old in America: The Heath and Retirement Study (HRS Databook) (2007).

Cao, Honggao, John C. Henretta, Theresa Norgard, Beth J. Soldo, and David R. Weir. HRS 2001 HUMS College Tuition Imputations (Restricted) (2005). [PDF]

Fisher, Gwenith G., Jessica D. Faul, David R. Weir, and Robert B. Wallace. Documentation of Chronic Disease Measures in the Health and Retirement Study (HRS/AHEAD) (2005). [PDF]

Hauser, Robert M. and Robert J. Willis. Survey Design and Methodology in the Health and Retirement Study and the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study (2005). This is an electronic version of an article published in Aging, Health, and Public Policy: Demographic and Economic Perspectives, a supplement to Population and Development Review Volume 30. New York: Population Council, 2005. ©2005 by The Population Council, Inc. [PDF]

Ofstedal, Mary Beth, Gwenith G. Fisher and A. Regula Herzog. Documentation of Cognitive Functioning Measures in the Health and Retirement Study (2005). [PDF]

Fonda, Stephanie and A. Regula Herzog. Documentation of Physical Functioning Measures in the Health and Retirement Study and the Asset and Health Dynamics among the Oldest Old Study (2004). [PDF]

Servais, Marita A. An Elementary Cookbook of Data Management using HRS Data with SPSS, SAS and Stata Examples (2004). [PDF]

Cao, Honggao. IMPUTE: A SAS Application System for Missing Value Imputations--With Special Reference to HRS Income/Assets (2001). [PDF]

Steffick, Diane E. Documentation of Affective Functioning Measures in the Health and Retirement Study (2000). [PDF]

Mitchell, Olivia S., Jan Olson, and Thomas Steinmeier. Construction of the Earnings and Benefits File (EBF) for Use With the Health and Retirement Study (1996). An updated and revised version of this paper is available in Social Security Earnings and Projected Benefits, Olivia S. Mitchell, P. Brett Hammond and Anna M. Rappaport, eds., Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2000. See Chapter 13, "Forecasting Retirement Needs and Retirement Wealth" [PDF]

Heeringa, Steven G. Technical Description of the Asset and Health Dynamics Among the Oldest Old (AHEAD) Study Sample Design (1995). Online version; originally published as HRS Documentation Report DR-003. [PDF]

Heeringa, Steven G. and Judith Connor. Technical Description of the Health and Retirement Study Sample Design (1995). Online version; originally published as HRS/AHEAD Documentation Report DR-002. [PDF]

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