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1993 AHEAD (Wave 1) Re-Release (Final, Version 2.10) Information: Distribution Files Reformatted

This information pertains to the re-release of the 1993 AHEAD dataset; it is derived from a Data Alert published on 02/04/2003

The 1993 distribution files have been re-released as .zip files instead of .exe files.

The data files have been re-released in our standard format -- ASCII data (.DA) files and associated program statement files for SAS, SPSS and Stata users. This will facilitate usage by analysts using SPSS and Stata as formerly the 1993 data files were available only as SAS internal and SAS transport files. In addition:

  • Identification variables are provided in character (string), instead of numeric, format to facilitate merging with data of later years.
  • Missing data statements are included.

The contents of most of the documentation files have not changed. The codebook documentation and questionnaire are now distributed only in Adobe .PDF format.

Users should download the ASCII data files, one set of program statement files, and questionnaire and documentation (codebook) files. See the revised Readme document and the Changes document for further details.

Contents New Files Old files
Data files (SAS v6.12)   data21.exe
Data files (SAS transport)   datax211.exe
ASCII data files  
SAS data descriptors  
SPSS data descriptors  
Stata data descriptors  
Questionnaire in Microsoft Word format   bqnairew.exe
Questionnaire in Adobe PDF format bqnaire.exe
Documentation in ASCII format   doctxt21.exe
Documentation in Word Perfect format   docwpd21.exe
Documentation in Adobe PDF format  
Important information for AHEAD 1993 users readme21.pdf readme21.txt
Distribution set (all of the above new files)  

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