HRS 1992 (Wave 1) Final Release Codebook

Table of Contents

Codebook File Description File
Cover sheet and file description This page
Master codes 02_MCODE
Identification and weight variables 03_CORE
Facesheet and miscellany 04_0
Section A: Demographic Background 05_A
Section B: Health Status 06_B
Section D: Housing (1) 07_D1
Section D: Housing (2) 08_D2
Section E: Family Structure and Transfers 09_E
Section F: Employment of Respondent (1) 10_F1
Section F: Employment of Respondent (2) 11_F2
Section F: Employment of Respondent (3) 12_F3
Section G: Last Job (R not currently working)13_G
Section H: Job History (1) 14_H1
Section H: Job History (2) 15_H2
Section J: Disability (1) 16_J1
Section J: Disability (2) 17_J2
Section J: Disability (3) 18_J3
Section J: Disability (4) 19_J4
Section K: Retirement Plans 20_K
Section L: Cognition 21_L
Section M: Net Worth Other than Housing 22_M
Section N: Income (1) 23_N1
Section N: Income (2) 24_N2
Section N: Income (3) 25_N3
Section N: Income (4) 26_N4
Section R: Health and Life Insurance 27_R
Section S: Widowhood 28_S
Section X: Interviewer's Observations 29_X
Children information 30_KIDS
Sibling information 31_SIBS
Parent information 32_PARS
Household listing 33_HHL
Experimental Modules A-F (1) 34_MOD1
Experimental Modules G-K (2) 35_MOD2
Range Card Information 36_RangeCardInfo
Household Income Aggregates 37_IncomeAggregates
Household Income Components 38_IncomeComponents

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