HRS 1992 (Wave 1) Documentation

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Data Set Core: Identification Variables and Weights VAR # _____ 1 IDV: WAVE 1 CASE ID ____________________________________________________________ (Respondent's identification variable) 00001-09999 One R household 10001-19999 Primary R's 20001-29999 Secondary R's 30001-39999 Refusals (not coded) 2 IDV: WAVE 1 HOUSEHOLD ID ____________________________________________________________ (Household's identification variable) 00001-99998. 99999. NA 3 IDV: WAVE 1 MATCH ID ____________________________________________________________ (Respondent's partner's identification variable) 00000. None; R1 has no spouse or partner 10001-29999. IW# of R's Spouse/Partner 30001-39999. ID# of R's Spouse/Partner if refusal or non-interview 11 WEIGHTS: Sampling Weight ____________________________________________________________ Sample Domain Weight Oversample ------ ------ ---------- 1 1.00 -- 2 0.50 Black 2 Black + Hispanic 0.25 Hispanic respondent 0.50 Non-Hispanic respondent 3 Hispanic 0.50 Hispanic respondent 1.00 Non-Hispanic respondent 3 Hispanic + Black 0.25 Hispanic respondent 0.50 Non-Hispanic respondent 4 0.50 Florida 4 0.25 Florida + Black Variable N Mean Std Dev Minimum Maximum ------------------------------------------------------------ V11 12652 0.76 0.26 0.25 1.00 12 WEIGHTS: SE Stratum ____________________________________________________________ [NOTE: This code is the variable which defines the sampling error computation strata of the HRS data. With the exception of New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago MSA's, each self-representing (SR) design stratum is represented by one sampling error computation stratum. Due to their population size, two sampling error computation strata are defined for each of the three largest MSAs. Pairs of similar nonself-reporting (NSR) primary stage design strata are "collapsed" (Kalton, 1977) to create NSR sampling error compuations strata.] Variable N Mean Std Dev Minimum Maximum ------------------------------------------------------------ V12 12652 32.02 16.27 1.00 61.00 13 WEIGHTS: SECU ____________________________________________________________ [NOTE: This is the stratum half-sample code for analysis of sampling error using the BRR method or approximate "two- per-stratum" Taylor Series method (Kish and Hess, 1959). Within the SR sampling error strata, the half sample units are created by dividing sample cases into random halves, HALF SAMPLE CODE = 1 and HALF SAMPLE CODE = 2.] Variable N Mean Std Dev Minimum Maximum ------------------------------------------------------------ V13 12652 1.51 0.50 1.00 2.00 14 WEIGHTS: Household Analysis Weight ____________________________________________________________ [NOTE: The household analysis weight which is recommended for descriptive analysis of household level variables is a composite weight which has been formed from the product of five component factors: (1) the housing unit selection weight, (2) an adjustment factor for non-listed segments, (3) an adjustment factor for subsampled areas, (4) a household nonresponse adjustment factor, and (5) a household post-stratification factor.] Variable N Mean Std Dev Minimum Maximum ------------------------------------------------------------ V14 12652 1394.78 1346.22 0.00 5246.92 15 WEIGHTS: Person Level Analysis Weight ____________________________________________________________ [NOTE: The Person-level Analysis Weight is the product of the Household Analysis Weight, the Respondent Selection Weight and the Person-level Post-stratification Weight. Only age-eligible respondents have valid person-level weights. Age-ineligible respondents have a zero for the person weight.] Variable N Mean Std Dev Minimum Maximum ------------------------------------------------------------ V15 12652 1864.31 1349.90 0.00 12312.84 [Return to Beginning] [Table of Contents] [Previous Section] [Next Section]