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The following is a summary of Social Security Administrative data sets available as restricted data. Documentation for these files is available from the HRS Public File Download Area (registration required). You may wish to review the documentation to see if the restricted file in question will meet your research needs. Go to the RDA Overview page for information on how to obtain access to HRS-SSA restricted data.

There is an important restriction on merging SSA administrative records with other data sets: these data may not be merged with any data set that contains geographic information. For details on merge restrictions, please review the HRS File Merge Cross-Reference Table.

For your convenience, an Order Form for Restricted Data Products is available (pdf format).

SSA Administrative Data 
Respondent Cross-Year Benefits(Updated for 2012)10442014 (v4.0)
Respondent Cross-Year Summary Earnings(Updated for 2012)10512014 (v4.0)
Respondent Cross-Year Detail Earnings(Updated for 2012)10522015 (v4.1)
Form 831 Disability Records20032012 (v2.0)
Deceased Spouse Benefits10532010 (V1.0)
Deceased Spouse Summary Earnings10542010 (V1.0)
Deceased Spouse Detail Earnings10552010 (V1.0)
Prospective Social Security Wealth Measures10452009 (v4.0)
2004 Permissions: Supplemental Security Income [Respondent; Deceased Spouse]10362006 (v1.1)