Jacqui Smith

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Health and Retirement Study

Contact Information

3444 ISR
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Phone: 734.647.0591
Email: smitjacq@umich.edu


Ph.D., Macquarie University

Research and Projects

My research deals with the heterogeneity of psychological functioning, well-being, and health in midlife and old age. I use experimental and survey methodologies to investigate age-cohort differences and age-related change in cognitive functioning, self-regulation, and well-being. My current research focuses on time use and experienced wellbeing after age 50, psychological vitality in the oldest-old, life course predictors of subjective well-being and health, self-perceptions of aging, and cognitive aging.

Selected Recent Publications

Kim, E. S, Smith, J., Kubzansky, L.D.. A prospective study of the association between dispositional optimism and incident heart failure. Circulation: Heart Failure, 7, 394-400 [2014]

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Roecke, C., Li, S-C., and Smith, J.. Intraindividual variability in positive and negative affect over 45 days: Do older adults fluctuate less than young adults?. Psychology and Aging [(in press)]