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Michael D. Hurd

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Contact Information

1766 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401-3208
Phone: 310.393.0411 x6945


B.S., University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT
M.S. and Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, CA

Health and Retirement Study
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Research and Projects

Dr. Hurd's research interests cover a wide range of topics in the economics of aging including: the structure of private pensions and Social Security and their effects on retirement decisions; the economic status of the elderly; the determinants of consumption and saving; the use of health care services; methods of assessing uncertainty in a population; bracketing and anchoring effects in the elicitation of economic information; and the relationship between socioeconomic status and mortality. Dr. Hurd's most recent research focuses on the monetary costs of dementia, and the costs of long-term care.

Selected Recent Publications

Hurd, M., P. C. Michaud and S. Rohwedder. The Displacement Effect of Public Pensions on the Accumulation of Financial Assets. Fiscal Studies 33(1): 107-128 [2012]

Hurd, M. and S. Rohwedder. Trends in Labor Force Participation: How Much is Due to Changes in Pensions?. Journal of Population Ageing 4(1-2): 81-96 [2011]

Hurd, M., M. Van Rooij and J. Winter. Stock Market Expectations of Dutch Households. Journal of Applied Econometrics 26(3): 416-436 [2011]

Hurd, M. and S. Rohwedder. Methodological Innovations in Collecting Spending Data: The HRS Consumption and Activities Mail Survey. Fiscal Studies 30(3-4): 435-459 [2009]

Hurd, M.. Subjective Probabilities in Household Surveys. Annual Review of Economics 1: 543-562 [2009]

Plassman, B. L., K. M. Langa, G. G. Fisher, S. G. Heeringa, D. R. Weir, M. B. Ofstedal, J. R. Burke, M. Hurd, et al. Prevalence of Dementia in the United States: The Aging, Demographics, and Memory Study. Neuroepidemiology 29(1-2): 125-132 [2007]

Hurd, MD and Kapteyn, A. Health, Wealth, and the Role of Institutions. Journal of Human Resources, XXXVIII (2), Spring 2003, pp. 386-415. [2003]

Adams, P, Hurd, MD, McFadden, D, Merrill, A, and Ribeiro, T. Healthy, Wealthy and Wise? Tests for Direct Causal Paths between Health and Socioeconomic Status. Journal of Econometrics, 112 (1), 2003, pp. 3-56. [2003]

Hurd, Michael D., Darius Lakdawalla, Dana P. Goldman, Jay Bhattacharya, Geoffrey F. Joyce, and Constantijn W.A. Panis. Forecasting the Nursing Home Population. Medical Care, 2003, pp. 8-20 [2003]

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Hurd, Michael D., F. Thomas Juster and James P. Smith. Enhancing the Quality of Data on Income: Recent Innovations from the HRS. Journal of Human Resources, 38 (3), Summer, 2003, pp. 758-772 [2003]

Hurd, M. and K. McGarry. The Predictive Validity of Subjective Probabilities of Survival. Economic Journal 112(482): 966-985 [2002]

Hurd, MD. Portfolio Holdings of the Elderly. Household Portfolios, Luigi Guiso, Michael Haliassos, and Tullio Jappelli, eds., Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, pp 431-472. [2001]

Hurd, MD, McFadden, D, Chand, H, Gan, L, Merrill, A, and Roberts, M. Consumption and Saving Balances of the Elderly: Experimental Evidence on Survey Response Bias. Frontiers in the Economics of Aging, D. Wise, ed., Chicago: University of Chicago Press, pp 353-387. [1998]

Hurd, MD. Research on the Elderly: Economic Status, Retirement, and Consumption and Saving. Journal of Economic Literature, 28 (June, 1990), pp. 565-637. [1990]

Hurd, MD. Mortality Risk and Bequests. Econometrica, 57 (July, 1989), pp. 779813. [1989]

Hurd, M.. The Economic Status of the Elderly. Science. 244(4905): 659-664 [1989]

Hurd, M.. Savings of the Elderly and Desired Bequests. American Economic Review 77(3): 298-312 [1987]

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