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Michael D. Hurd

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Contact Information

1700 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Phone: 310.393.0411 x6945


B.S., University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT
M.S. and Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, CA

Health and Retirement Study
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Research and Projects

Dr. Hurdís research interest is how to use subjective information in models of economic behavior. For example, do subjective survival probabilities explain saving and retirement as would be predicted by the life-cycle model? He has been studying the causal flows that determine the relationship between socioeconomic status and health. He has proposed and tested a method to measure the amount of uncertainty in a population about quantities such as the value of stock portfolios. With other collaborators he has been working to develop an Internet survey panel. In the long run this panel will be available for short turnaround and cost effective surveys as well as to test experimental methods for survey response.

Selected Recent Publications

Hurd, MD and Kapteyn, A. Health, Wealth, and the Role of Institutions. Journal of Human Resources, XXXVIII (2), Spring 2003, pp. 386-415. [2003]

Adams, P, Hurd, MD, McFadden, D, Merrill, A, and Ribeiro, T. Healthy, Wealthy and Wise? Tests for Direct Causal Paths between Health and Socioeconomic Status. Journal of Econometrics, 112 (1), 2003, pp. 3-56. [2003]

Hurd, Michael D., Darius Lakdawalla, Dana P. Goldman, Jay Bhattacharya, Geoffrey F. Joyce, and Constantijn W.A. Panis. Forecasting the Nursing Home Population. Medical Care, 2003, pp. 8-20 [2003]

Hurd, Michael D.. Leaving Bequests: by Accident or by Design?. Death and Dollars, Alicia Munnell and Anika Sunden, eds., 2003, Washington: The Brookings Institution Press, pp. 93-118 [2003]

Hurd, Michael D., F. Thomas Juster and James P. Smith. Enhancing the Quality of Data on Income: Recent Innovations from the HRS. Journal of Human Resources, 38 (3), Summer, 2003, pp. 758-772 [2003]

Hurd, MD. Portfolio Holdings of the Elderly. Household Portfolios, Luigi Guiso, Michael Haliassos, and Tullio Jappelli, eds., Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, pp 431-472. [2001]

Hurd, MD, McFadden, D, Chand, H, Gan, L, Merrill, A, and Roberts, M. Consumption and Saving Balances of the Elderly: Experimental Evidence on Survey Response Bias. Frontiers in the Economics of Aging, D. Wise, ed., Chicago: University of Chicago Press, pp 353-387. [1998]

Hurd, MD. Research on the Elderly: Economic Status, Retirement, and Consumption and Saving. Journal of Economic Literature, 28 (June, 1990), pp. 565-637. [1990]

Hurd, MD. Mortality Risk and Bequests. Econometrica, 57 (July, 1989), pp. 779813. [1989]

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