Cross-Wave HRS 1992-2008 Respondent Region and Mobility Dataset (v3.0)

May 25, 2010

This version of the HRS Cross-Wave Geographic Information: Respondent Region and Mobility file replaces the previously released (December 2009, v2.0) file. The new version corrects inaccurate information caused by a merge error that occurred when the December 2009 file was under construction.

This data product contains one record for each respondent, matching Tracker 2008, Version 1.0. It has 31,022 records, which are uniquely identified by Household Identifier (HHID) and Person Number (PN). This data set is released in conjunction with three restricted data sets:

These four files contain all geographic information (public and restricted) currently available for HRS respondents.

In addition to cohort information and other tracker variables, each record includes:

Note: Be sure to check the HRS File Merge Cross-Reference Table for up-to-date information on the restricted data merge status of this data set.