HRS ADAMS 1 data (Early, Version 6.0)

October 06, 2009

The sensitive health data release of HRS ADAMS 1 (Early, Version 6.0) is now available. Please note the following:

  • The ADAMS data (version 6.0) release contains three separate files for downloading: ADAMS Wave A files; ADAMS Wave B files; and ADAMS Wave C files.
  • Release 6.0 includes the clinical history data for Waves A, B, and C.
  • No changes have been made in release 6.0 to the previously released Wave A, B, and C files.
  • All data files from Waves A and B are now available.
  • You should continue to use the previously released version of the ADAMS Tracker files (version 5.0)

Note: The data description and codebook files included in the Version 6.0 Early data release were prepared in September, and include references to a September 2009 release date.

The data set may be downloaded from the HRS Public File Download Area. Registration (free) is required for access. Be sure to check the HRS File Merge Cross-Reference Table for up-to-date information on the restricted data merge status of this data set.

If you find any problems with the data, please report them to us via the Help Desk, or by e-mail to