HRS ADAMS 1 data (Early, Version 1.0)

February 15, 2007

HRS ADAMS 1 data (Early, Version 1.0) are now available.

The Aging, Demographics, and Memory Study (ADAMS) is a supplement to the HRS funded by the National Institute on Aging (U01-AG009740) with the specific aim of conducting a population-based study of dementia. HRS formed a partnership with a research team at Duke University Medical Center to conduct in-person clinical assessments for dementia on selected HRS respondents. The purpose was to gather additional information on respondentsí cognitive status and assign a diagnosis of (1) dementia, (2) cognitive impairment but not demented (CIND), or (3) non-case. Prior community-based studies of dementia have focused on a particular geographical area or have been based on nationally distributed samples that are not representative of the population. This study is the first of its kind to conduct in-home assessments of dementia in a national sample that is representative of the U.S. elderly population.

The primary goal of the ADAMS was to collect data that will allow researchers to estimate the prevalence, predictors, and outcomes of dementia in the U. S. elderly population. The study will facilitate our understanding of the natural history of pre-clinical dementia as well as the role of dementia in changing the health and social functioning of older Americans. ADAMS will provide an opportunity for conducting in-depth investigations related to the impact of dementia on formal health care utilization, informal caregiving, and the total societal costs of this care. A second aim of the study is to examine the validity of the HRS cognitive functioning measures as a screening tool for cognitive impairment or dementia.

A group of 1,770 HRS respondents, age 70 or older, was selected from the 2000 and 2002 waves of HRS based on the score on the self- or proxy-cognitive assessment measure. Among this group, we completed assessments with 856 respondents. The response rate net of mortality was 56%. Data were collected from August 2001 through March 2005.

Please refer to the corresponding data description file for more information on the background and file structure of these data. A separate technical report has been prepared to describe the ADAMS sample selection and sample weights developed for use with these data.

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