2003 Internet Survey Version 1.0

January 09, 2007

Version 1.0 of the 2003 Internet early release data is now available.

In December 2002, a sub-sample of the Health and Retirement Study (HRS) participated in an Internet based survey developed jointly by the HRS, Survey Research Center, Institute for Social Research (ISR), at the University of Michigan and the RAND Corporation. The National Institute on Aging at NIH (R01 AG020638) provided funding for the 2003 Internet Survey. The 2003 Internet Survey Final Release (Version 1.0) questionnaire contained several different topical areas including Internet/computers, health problem, disability and work limitations, numeracy items, psychosocial items, expectations, and questions about housing/checking accounts, and stocks. Many of the questions were taken from the HRS survey, the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) and from the Current Population Survey (CPS). Completed interviews were obtained from 2,197 HRS respondents.

Note: Be sure to check the HRS File Merge Cross-Reference Table for up-to-date information on the restricted data merge status of this data set.

If you find any problems with the data, please report them to us via the Help Desk, or by e-mail to hrsquestions@umich.edu.