HRS Workshop on Health Insurance and Health Care Utilization at ISR/SRC Summer Institute, June 2005

April 29, 2005

As part of the Survey Research Centerís Summer Institute, the HRS offers a one-week intensive workshop covering the basic design, content and usage of the study. It is conducted at the University of Michigan (for detailed information on application, lodging and faculty go to the Summer Institute Web site). This year the workshop will be held June 20th - 24th, and consists of morning lectures and afternoon computer labs each running about 3 hours. Dan Hill will conduct the lectures on basic design, content and statistical inference, and the afternoon computer labs will be conducted by Marita Servais with the assistance of other members of the HRS staff. This year's workshop will focus on health insurance and health care utilization, with lectures by Helen Levy and Jody Schimmel. We will focus on using the HRS to create measures of public and private insurance coverage, to measure health care use such as physician office visits, hospitalizations and preventive care, and to measure total and out-of-pocket spending on various components of medical care. The ways in which these data can be used both cross-sectionally and longitudinally will be discussed in the context of recent publications that have used the HRS.

For additional information please visit the HRS Web site.