Re-release; Distribution Files Reformatted -- 1994 HRS (Final, Version 2.0)

September 1, 2004

The 1994 distribution files have been re-released as summarized below

For a detailed explanation of changes made in this release see 1994 HRS Data Description.

Contents New Files Old files
ASCII data files
SAS data descriptors
SPSS data descriptors
Stata data descriptors
Questionnaire in WordPerfect format ---
Questionnaire in Adobe PDF format ---
Data description (June 1998) --- datadesc.txt
Differences between the partial and full release (June 1998) --- partrel.txt
Codebook documentation in ASCII format*
Changes in version 2 (September 2004) data description, version 1; differences between full and partial release (June 1998)h94dd.pdf---
Distribution set (all of the above files)

* The contents of these files have not changed.

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