HRS 1998 Exit Imputation Data (Version 2.0)

April 28, 2004

The HRS 1998 exit imputation data (Version 2.0) are now available. Users who intend to use the data in Section NR are advised to read carefully the following notice, which also appears at the beginning of the codebook.

"Cross-Variable Inconsistencies in the Asset Distribution Variables: Due to the structure of the data, there might be some inconsistencies across the asset distribution variables in Section NR. These variables include the total value of a respondent's asset (Q2507X), and the respondent's asset distribution (amount and percentage) to spouse (Q2426Z and Q2427X), children (Q2437Z and Q2438X), charities (Q2459Z and Q2460X), siblings (Q2469Z and Q2470X), relatives (Q2479Z and Q2480X), friends (Q2489Z and Q2490X), and others (Q2499Z and Q2500X). The sum of the all the distribution components might not be same as the single, total asset value variable (Q2507X). Please note that the inconsistencies arise not just because of our imputation strategy, which treats each of the 14 asset distribution components individually, but also in the original data reports. Users are advised that they perform the consistency check among those variables, and fix the problem appropriately before using the data."

If you find any problems with the data, please report them to us via the Help Desk, or by sending e-mail directly to