RAND HRS Data (Version C)

October 8, 2003

Updated data files in Stata format are now available. Previous versions of Stata files should be replaced.

When using Stata 8 or Stata 8-SE, some missing values in the Stata version of the RAND HRS Data (Version C) appeared as non-missing values. The problem affected integer type variables. For example, cases missing RwAGEY_B (age in years at Wave w) appeared to be 101 years old. The problem did not appear when using Stata 7 or Stata 7-SE.

The Stata files have been reconverted and replaced. Though the problem did not appear to affect the Stata 7 files, it is recommended that Stata 7 users download the corrected files to prevent incorrect results should they upgrade to Stata 8. In addition to replacing Stata 7 versions, Stata 8 versions of the file are now available. Stata 8 allows for special missing values similar to those available in SAS. For example, the .D SAS value is converted to .d in the Stata 8 version of the files.

Questions or problems concerning the RAND HRS Data should be addressed to Patricia St.Clair (stclair@rand.org) at RAND.