Researcher Contribution: Imputations for Pension Related Variables

February 20, 2003

These data contain imputed values for the donít know, refused, and missing responses for several pension related variables for HRS interview years 1992, 1994, 1996, 1998, and 2000. The imputed variables are from the employment sections of HRS 1992 through HRS 2000, which include sections F, G, and H of HRS 1992, FA, FB, FC, G, and H of HRS 1994, and G, GG, and GH of HRS 1996 and HRS 1998 and HRS 2000. The imputations are performed for the HRS entry cohort in HRS 1992, HRS 1994, and HRS 1996, and for the HRS and War Baby entry cohorts in HRS 1998 and HRS 2000.

These data are now available through this web site; free registration is required.

Note: Be sure to check the HRS File Merge Cross-Reference Table for up-to-date information on the restricted data merge status of this data set.