Alpha Version of New Pension Estimation Program Available

February 4, 2003

In response to numerous user requests, the existing Pascal-based pension estimation program has been replaced by a new application which uses the object-oriented capabilities of Microsoft Visual Studio.NET software. The redesigned program incorporates a number of new features:

  • User Interface: A visually intuitive graphical user interface to the parameters file allows users to change parameters, set new program defaults or restore original default settings.
  • Cash Flows option: This major enhancement allows users to output a vector of actual cash flows paid to a respondent.
  • Output options: Users now have the ability to specify the list of outputs written to the output file. For example, users interested in obtaining estimations for normal retirement benefits, can to obtain calculations for this type only.
  • Multiple runs: Users can modify key parameters with their own values and perform multiple runs without restarting the application.
  • Application Data: All data files (coded plan descriptions, respondent information, parameter file) have been moved to Microsoft Access for easy database access.
  • Documentation: see the Pension Estimation Users Guide.

To obtain a copy of the new program, follow these instructions.