HRS 2002 Experimental Modules (Partial Early Release)

Every wave of HRS contains a set of experimental modules, each taking about three minutes of interview time, which are administered to a random sub-sample of respondents. The intent of the modules is to allow HRS investigators, as well as other researchers on aging, to suggest questions that test out new and untried content, have a methodological purpose, or that, in combination with the rest of the HRS data, would permit new research questions to be investigated.

In order for the experimental modules to inform the design of future waves of HRS, it is important that researchers analyze these modules in timely fashion. For example, the content of HRS 2004 will need to be finalized by Summer 2003. Our scheduled Early Release of HRS 2002 data is expected to take place about June 1, 2003. To facilitate timely analysis by as wide a group of researchers as possible, the HRS has created a Partial Early Release of module data representing about 90 percent of the cases that will ultimately be interviewed in the 2002 wave. Researchers using this Partial Early Release data must sign an agreement that they will not publish any results based on these data. Note, however, that publication is permitted for analyses based on the Early Release data that will be available on or about June 1, 2003.

In HRS 2002, there are 12 modules covering a wide range of topics. These topics include self-assessed health utilities; willingness to pay for disease prevention; restless leg syndrome, night leg cramps, and neck and shoulder pain; risk aversion; Internet use; loneliness, stress and social support/social burden; ELSA health questions; numeracy; positive well-being; later life education; and subjective uncertainty about stock market returns. For details on the HRS 2002 Modules, follow this link.

Accessing Module Data

To gain access to 2002 Partial Early Release Module data, follow these steps:

  1. Register in the HRS File Distribution/User Registration System

  2. Send e-mail to containing the following

    • Subject: HRS 2002 Partial Early Release Module Request
    • Your full name
    • Professional affiliation
    • Telephone where you can be reached during business hours
    • HRS File Distribution/User Registration System username
    • This statement: "By submitting this email I agree to refrain from publishing any analysis results derived from this Partial Early Release." Note: All standard HRS conditions of use apply. See for details.

  3. After your application has been reviewed by HRS staff, you will receive a notification by e-mail that you may access the module data. The link to these data (HRS 2002 Modules) will now appear on the Datasets and Files page.