Debut of Relocated and Updated HRS Web Site

September 1, 2002

As of this date, the HRS Web Site was moved from the University of Michigan Web server system to a system hosted by the Institute for Social Research

The new site contains all of the content that was available at the old site; however, in some cases, the format of the old pages was revised and/or new information added. In addition, the navigation menus have been streamlined, 'dead' links have been corrected, and HTML code brought up to date.

New features of the site:

  • The site map page has been reformated to assist navigation.
  • A new search page (Google-based) was added to replace SwishGate.
  • A "Background Information" page was created to provide a consolidated source for study design, sampling, response rate and content information.
  • The "What's Available" page (under the Data Section) now links to pages containing a detailed breakdown of data products by interview year.
  • A "Help Desk" page has been added to assist users in formulating questions for HRSquest. Future plans call for this page to provide FAQ information.
  • A special page (under the Documentation Section) has been added for Module Descriptions.
  • Additional prominence has been given to the "User Guides" page.

If you find any problems with the new site, please report to us by email at our help desk address,