HRS 2000 Early Imputation Data Release (Version 1)

October 29, 2001

The HRS 2000 Early Imputation Data (Version 1) are now available.

HRS early releases are provided within a very short time of the end of a data collection period. They are provided for the convenience of users who wish to begin analyzing data prior to a final release being available.

The HRS 2000 early imputation data are organized into six datasets, containing such information as inter-family transfers (Section D), health care utilization (Section E), housing equity (Section F), household income and assets (Section J), asset changes (Section N), and health insurance (Section R).

These files have NOT yet been approved for use with SSA derived restricted data. Any requests to do so must be submitted formally through the restricted data group. Approval is expected shortly, so watch the web page for announcements.

To access the data, follow the "Data Center" and "Public File Download Area" links on the HRS main web page. Registration (free) is required for access.

If you find any problems with the data, please report to us by email at our help desk address,