Web Site Reorganization, Redesign

October 1, 2001

The HRS web site has been reorganized and redesigned -- for the first time since it opened in 1995 -- to make it easier to use, and to incorporate the new HRS logo.

The address of the site remains at http://www.umich.edu/~hrswww.

The new design features a navigation bar at the top of each page which links to all the major areas of the site. The new site includes all of the same information that the old site had; some of it has been updated or rewritten.

The new HRS logo includes a tree -- symbolic of life, family, and maturity -- which is also a white pine -- the state tree of Michigan, where HRS is based.

There may be some temporary glitches caused by the conversion. If you find any problems with the new web site, please report to us by email at our help desk address, hrsquestions@umich.edu.