AHEAD 1995 Exit Early Release Supplement

May 16, 2001

The data file A2XLOC is being released as a supplement to the 1995 AHEAD Exit early release, because V226 "CS2cx. PLACE OF DEATH", was omitted from that release.The file A2XLOC contains 775 cases, and consists of 6 variables (HHID, DSUBHH, HHIDSUB, HHIDPN, CASENO, V226).

Users should note that all of the variables included in this supplemental file follow the same format and naming conventions associated with the 1995 AHEAD Exit early release. For example, the ID variables are numeric, and HHIDPN is included.

This file has NOT yet been approved for use with SSA derived restricted data. Any requests to do so must be submitted formally through the restricted data group.

To access the data, follow the "Data Center" and "Public File Download Area links on the HRS main web page.

If you have questions, please send electronic mail to our help desk, HRS Questions (hrsquestions@umich.edu).