HRS 1994 Imputation Data (Version 2) Release

May 4, 2001

HRS 1994 (Wave 2) imputation data (version 2) are now available. The data and the documentation file are contained in the file "".

Compared to the imputations included in the public release of HRS 1994 (version 1), this version of the imputations has made several important changes.

First, it uses a method consistent with the one used for most of the other HRS/AHEAD waves, including AHEAD 1995, HRS 1996, and HRS 1998. Although there is no conclusive evidence that an analysis using the new imputations would produce dramatically different results from using the old imputations, the new imputations do not allow for imputed values outside the range of observed valid values, thus considerably reducing the variances of the imputations for some of the variables.

Second, following the convention used in the imputations for other HRS/AHEAD waves, the version 2 imputations cover three sections: Section D, Housing; Section K, Assets and Debts; and Section N, Income. Within these sections, however, some of the variables that were not imputed in version 1 are imputed and included in the version 2 imputation data.

Third, as a by-product of the imputations, we have constructed four commonly- used composite variables: household income, household assets, primary home equity, and second home equity.

These imputation files have NOT yet been approved for use with SSA derived restricted data. Any requests to do so must be submitted formally through the restricted data group.

HRS/AHEAD users who want to use the data must register. To do so, go to the main HRS web page (, and follow the links "Data Center" and "Public Release Datasets and Files". Follow the directions on that page for Public Data Files released on or after January 1, 2001, selecting the appropriate link depending on whether or not you have already registered.

For those of you registering for the first time, after you have completed the registration form, click on SEND. You should receive a message saying the message was successfully sent, completing the registration process. Within one business day of submitting your registration form you should receive instructions and a password which will enable you to download any of the files released on or after January 1, 2001.

Once you're registered, when you have authenticated to the ftp site, just change to the directory "public\h1994imp" and download the imputation files. If you have forgotten your username or password, send an email to our registration help desk,

If you find any problems with the data, please report to us by email at our help desk address,