Respondent Mobility Information Released

March 21, 2001

These files contain information on inter-wave changes in respondent's location of residence. Distance was calculated for all respondents who were interviewed in a residence location differing from that of the previous wave and for whom geographic information was available. The distance value was calculated to the nearest nautical mile based on the latitude and longitude of Zip Code centroids.

These Mobility files have NOT yet been approved for use with SSA derived restricted data. Any requests to do so must be submitted formally through the restricted data group.

Three ASCII data files, with their associated SAS, SPSS, and Stata data definition statements are available:

  1. ahdmw12.da -- documents change in interview location for AHEAD respondents between 1993 (Wave 1) and 1995 (Wave 2)
  2. hrsmw12.da -- documents change in interview location for HRS respondents between 1992 (Wave 1) and 1994 (Wave 2)
  3. hrsmw23.da -- documents change in interview location for HRS respondents between 1994 (Wave 2) and 1996 (Wave 3)

The codebook describing the data is called Mobil_v1.txt.

The above files, along with this descriptive file readme.txt are contained in the file

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