HRS 1996 Public Release (Version 2) is Now Available


The HRS 1996 [Wave 3] Public Release (Version 2) is now available via this web site.

The version contains all sections and all variables that will be released as respondent or household data. Additional variables, particularly in Sections D and E, that will be released as other than respondent or household data will be released at a later date.

The data description will be added in January. This version uses identification variables as analogous to those used in AHEAD 1995 [Wave 2] Public Release of 12/29/1999.

This release supersedes all releases of the same data, including Preliminary and Partial Public releases, which will no longer be available.

The files are available via the Data Center on this web site. Registration is required.

Send any questions you may have concerning HRS 1996 [Wave 3] data to HRS Questions at

Please note that due to the season break, no user support will be available during the period from December 23 through January 1. User support will resume on January 2.