Supplement to AHEAD 1995 Preliminary Exit Data Released


This new file is being released as a supplement to the 1995 AHEAD Exit preliminary release, because V417 "CS25.Month moved to Nurs Home", was omitted from that release.

Most of the AHEAD 1995 is already in regular public release, but the Exit, Helper and Other Person files are still only in preliminary release. This new file is a supplement to the Exit preliminary release data.

The data file A2XNHMO contains 775 cases, and consists of 6 variables (HHID, DSUBHH, HHIDSUB, HHIDPN, CASENO, V417). Users should note that all of the variables included in this supplemental file follow the same format and naming conventions associated with the 1995 AHEAD Exit preliminary release. For example, the ID variables are numeric, and HHIDPN is included.

If you have already registered for the 1995 AHEAD preliminary release, you do not need to register again. Simply download the 2 files A2XNHMO.TXT and A2XNHMO.ZIP from the directory on the HRS ftp site where you found the earlier 1995 AHEAD preliminary release files. If you have not registered for the 1995 AHEAD preliminary release, please send electronic mail to our help desk, HRS Questions ( for instructions on how to obtain the files.

Please contact HRS Questions via electronic mail to if you have any questions.