1998 HRS Preliminary Imputation Data Available


HRS 1998 preliminary imputation data are now available via password-protected ftp at hrs.isr.umich.edu. See below for information about obtaining access.

Imputations are provided for the variables in two of the HRS 1998 sections, F (Housing) and J (Income and Assets). The data are preliminary and partial in the sense that they were generated based on the preliminary release of the HRS 1998 core data and variables in other HRS 1998 sections are not covered.

In a future public release we will issue new imputations based on cleaned data, and will impute all the other variables satisfying our ad hoc selection rules (described in the documentation file). There is no plan to impute any other variables from HRS 1998 until then.

Note: Before merging this dataset to the 1998 Preliminary Release data, users will need to make the ID changes to the 1998 Preliminary Release dataset as described in the relevant data alert.

As always, we thank all the people at the HRS who have made valuable contributions to this project.

Anyone wishing to obtain the data and/or documentation will have to request a password from hrsquest@umich.edu.

Please contact HRS Questions via electronic mail to hrsquest@umich.edu if you have any questions.