1999 HRS Experimental Mailout Data Available


An experimental data collection was conducted in 1999 with a sample of 2,998 respondents in the 1998 interviews. Questionnaires were returned by 2,454 of these sample members. Most of the questions replicate those asked in the biennial interviews. In addition, there are questions about preferences for different possible spending patterns over time. Data from these questionnaires are now available.

A brief description of the experiment and documentation of the data, as well as the actual data, are available on the HRS website via password-protected ftp at hrs.isr.umich.edu.

Anyone wishing to obtain the data and/or documentation will have to request a password from hrsquest@umich.edu.

Note: Before merging this dataset to the 1998 Preliminary Release data, users will need to make the ID changes to the 1998 Preliminary Release dataset as described in the relevant data alert.

Please contact HRS Questions via electronic mail to hrsquest@umich.edu if you have any questions.