Important HRS Wave 3 Preliminary Corrections


NOTE: These corrections are also found in the Errata section for the HRS Wave 3 [1996] Preliminary Release, under Datasets and Files/ Download Files/ (register)/ Preliminary Release Datasets and Files/ HRS Wave 3 [1996] Errata.

RESPID Problems and Duplicate Cases

Users of the HRS Wave 3 Preliminary Release should make the following corrections to their files.

1. Do not use variable RESPID!

    There was an error creating it in all but 5 of the 16 sections.
    The sections without errors are A, B, C, D, and PC.

    INSTEAD, to uniquely identify a respondent: Use the combination of HHID and PN.

2. Delete cases on datasets as described below.

    a. Duplicate CASE ID in Section A:

      Remove case from Section A dataset:
      If q0 eq 4881 and q668 ne 2 then delete

    b. Duplicate CASE IDS in Section GG:

      Remove cases from Section GG dataset:
      If q0 in(3071,4700,5734,7410,7582,7961,7980,8405,8453,8520,8530,9285,9546, 10279,10327,10386,10563,10681,10764,10842) and q3125 in(1,5) then delete

    c. Duplicate CASE ID in Section R:

      Remove case from Section R dataset:
      If q0 eq 4881 and q5133 ne 5 then delete