RAND Summer Institute and Mini Med School


1998 RAND Summer Institute on Aging
Mini-Medical School for Social Scientists

RAND announces the 5th Annual RAND Summer Institute (RSI) on the Demography, Economics, and Epidemiology of Aging. RSI, which is sponsored by the National Institute on Aging, is a research conference that addresses critical issues facing our aging population. Fellowships to attend the 1998 RSI, which will be held July 24-26, are available. For more information about RSI and fellowship support, see our home page at http://www.rand.org/centers/aging/rsi/, or send e-mail to Bob Schoeni at schoeni@rand.org.

In conjunction with RSI, RAND will be hosting the first "Mini-Medical School for Social Scientists" (Mini-Med). This lecture series will be organized around 2 or 3 half-day sessions, each with a distinct theme. Topics will be drawn from the diverse fields of biomedicine, including biology, genetics, patient care, psychiatry, and other areas. The sessions will be led by expert physicians and biologists. The experts will lecture on how the practice of medicine can inform, and improve, social science research. Participants will gain insight into the science of aging and a greater understanding of relevant medical issues.

Mini-Med will be held July 22-23, the two days prior to the RSI. Applicants are invited to apply to attend both the RSI and Mini-Med. Application forms are available at http://www.rand.org/centers/aging/rsi/appform.pdf. Contact Dana Goldman at dgoldman@rand.org for additional information regarding Mini-Med.