1998 Summer Institute on Aging Research


The National Institute on Aging announces the annual Summer Institute on Aging Research, a week-long workshop held in Airlie, Virginia for investigators new to aging research, focused on current issues, research methodologies, and funding opportunities in the social, clinical, and biological sciences. The program will also include consultations on the development of research interests. It will be held from July 11-17 and support is available for travel and living expenses. Applications are due March 13. To increase the diversity of participants, minority investigators are encouraged to apply.

This is NOT the same as the annual NIA Summer Institute in Demography, Economics and Population Epidemiology held at RAND in Santa Monica, CA and attending one does not preclude attending the other. More information about the NIA/RAND Summer Institute is available at http://www.rand.org/centers/aging/summer.inst/index.html.

For more information on the Airlie, VA Summer Institute, contact:

Zita E. Givens
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