1997 PAA Meeting - Sessions on the Demography of Aging


The following information is taken from the upcoming Spring 1997 issue of NOAH: Notes on Aging at Hopkins, which is the newletter of the Hopkins Center on the Demography of Aging.

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** Session 23 on: Adult Mortality in Comparative
Perspective (Chair, Irma T. Elo, University of
Pennsylvania; Discussants, Samuel H. Preston and
Douglas Ewbank, University of Pennsylvania)

     "Are Mortality Rates Lower in the United States
     than in Western Europe and Japan?  Evidence from
     Comparisons of the Upright Upper Midwest with the
     Dubious Deep South" - James W. Vaupel, Cindy R.
     Owens and Dean E. Carpenter, Duke University.

     "Mortality Among the U.S. Oldest Old: Updated and
     Expanded" - Bertram Kestenbaum, Social Security

     "A Distributional Approach to Examining Differences
     in Life Expectancy" - Mark D. Hayward, Diana K.
     McLaughlin and Mark S. Handcock, Pensylvania State

     "Age Patterns of Mortality in Sub-Saharan  Africa:
     An Initial Study of the Impact of AIDS" -Ian
     Timaeus,London School of Hygiene and Tropical

** Session 24 on: Is International Immigration Good for
Receiving Countries? (Chair, Linda G. Martin, RAND;
Discussant, Michael Teitelbaum, Alfred P. Sloan
     "The Role of Transfers to the Aged in the
     Assessmentof the Consequences of Immigration" -
     Julian L. Simon,University of Maryland, College

** Session 27 on: Issues in Sources of Support for the
Elderly (Chair, Carol Roan, University of Michigan;
Discussant, Mary Beth Ofstedal, National Center for
Health Statistics)

     "Shifting Costs of Caring for the Elderly Back to
     Families in Japan: Will It Work? - Naohiro Ogawa,
     Nihon University, and  Robert D. Retherford,
     East-West Center.

     "The Impact of Spouses, Children and Brothers on
     Elderly Survival in Rural Bangladesh" - M. Omar
     Rahman, Harvard University.

     "A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Attitudes Toward
     Informal Family and Formal Service Care of Older
     Adults: Puerto Ricans in Puerto Rico and the United
     States" - Barbara A. Zsembik, University of

     "Familial vs. Non-Familial Support of the Elderly:
     The Singaporean Example" - Angelique Chan,
     University of Michigan, and Paul Cheung, Department
     of Statistics, Singapore.

** Session 32 on: Intergenerational Transfers (Chair and
Discussant, Thomas A. Dunn, Syracuse University)

     "Immigration and Intergenerational Transfers: The
     Effects of Nativity and Tenure in the U.S." -
     Rebeca Wong, Johns Hopkins University, Chiara
     Capoferro and Beth J. Soldo, Georgetown University.

     "The Allocation of Time and Resources in
     Multi-Generation Families" - Chuck Slusher,
     University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

     "The Allocation of Resources in Intergenerational
     Households: Adult Children and Their Elderly
     Parents" - Liliana E. Pezzin and Barbara S. Schone,
     U.S. Agency for Health Care Policy and Research.

     "Does Parental Gender Preference Pay Off?
     Child-Parent Transfers and Asset Accumulation in
     the Rural Philippines" - Agnes Quisumbing,
     International Food Policy Research Institute.

** Session 39 on: Population and the Asian Economic
Miracle (Chair, Andrew Mason, University of Hawaii and
East-West Center; Discussant, Steven W. Sinding,
Rockefeller Foundation)

     "Population Aging, Intergenerational Transfers, and
     Economic Growth in East Asia" - Ronald D. Lee,
     University of California, Berkeley, Andrew Mason,
     University of Hawaii and East-West Center, and Tim
     Miller, University of California, Berkeley

** Session 42 on: Historical Demography (Chair, Michael
R. Haines, Colgate University; Discussants, Avery M.
Guest, University of Washington, and Stephen Ruggles,
University of Minnesota)

     "Has Survival Among Widows and Widowers Improved?
     Trends from 1860-1960" - Geraldine P. Mineau and
     Ken R. Smith, University of Utah.

** Session 50 on: Sex Differences in Morbidity and
Mortality: Contributions of Biological and Sociocultural
Factors (Chair, Ingrid Waldron,University of

     "Assessing the Contribution of Age-Sex
     Differentials in Causes of Death Due to Infectious
     and Parasitic Diseases to Trends in Age-Sex
     Differentials in Life Expectancy in Mauritius" -
     Sulaiman M. Bah, University of Swaziland.

     "Sex Differences in the Onset of Disease and
     Mortality" - Eileen M. Crimmins, Ranyan Lu and
     Alexander Bucur, University of Southern California.

** Session 61 on: Parent-Adult Child Relationships
(Chair, Alan Booth, Pennsylvania State University;
Discussant, Scott Myers, Pennsylvania State University)

     "Childhood and Parental Living Arrangements:
     Implications for Intergenerational Transfers to
     Parents" - Daniel H. Klepinger, Battelle, and Diane
     N. Lye, University of Washington.

     "Household Headship and Parent-Child Coresidence
     Among the Non-Institutionalized Elderly" - Marlene
     A. Lee and Nalini Ranjit, Louisiana State

     "Older Parents and the Children They Choose to Live
     Near" - Merril Silverstein and Joseph J. Angelelli,
     University of Southern California.

     "Transfers and the Formation of Children's
     Preferences" - David C. Ribar, George Washington
     University, and Mark O. Wilhelm, Pennsylvania State

** Session 63 on: Comparative Studies in Morbidity and
Mortality (Chair, Barry M. Popkin, University of North
Carolina, Chapel Hill)

     "Cross-National Comparisons of Mortality
     Differentials: Immigrants to the United States and
     Stayers in Common Countries of Origin" - Karen C.
     Swallen, University of Michigan.

     "Hmong Morbidity in Thailand and California " -
     Peter Kunstadter, University of California, San
     Francisco, and Prasit Leepreecha, University of

     "Counts, Contents, and Combinations of Morbidity:
     Does Color Matter, Too?" - Nan E. Johnson, Michigan
     State University.

     "Shared Patterns of Morbidity Among Married
     Elderly Couples in the United States" - Haishan Fu,
     Alan Guttmacher Institute.

** Session 64 on: The Biodemography of Aging and
Longevity: A Report from the Committee on Population
(Chair, Beth Soldo, Georgetown University; Discussant,
Richard M. Suzman, National Institute on Aging)

     "In Search of Limits: What do Demographic Trends
     Suggest about the Future of Human Longevity?" -
     John R. Wilmoth, University of California,

     "Theoretical Perspectives on the Evolution of
     Senescence" - Shripad Tuljapurkar, Stanford
     University and Mountain View Research.

     "Population Biology of the Elderly: A Preliminary
     Framework" - James R. Carey and Catherine
     Gruenfelder, University of California, Davis.

     "The Evolution of the Human Life Course" - Hillard
     Kaplan, University of New Mexico.

** Session 69 on: Aging and Economic Vulnerability
(Chair, Howard Iams, Social Security Administration;
Discussant, Sara Rix, American Association of Retired

     "The Economic Impact of Widowhood in the 1990's:
     Evidence from the Survey of Income and Program
     Participation" - Karen C. Holden and Cathleen D.
     Zick, University of Wisconsin, Madison.

     "Which Elderly Women Become Poor After Widowhood?"
     - Lois B. Shaw and Hsiao-ye Yi, Institute for
     Women's Policy Research.

     "Differences in SSI Recipiency Between Immigrants
     and Natives: The Explanatory Role of SSI
     Eligibility Criteria" - Jennifer V.W. Van Hook and
     Frank D. Bean, University of Texas, Austin.

     "The Changing Retirement Prospects of American
     Families: Impact of Labor Market Shifts on Economic
     Outcomes" - Stephen Crystal and  Richard W.
     Johnson, Rutgers University.

** Session 70 on: Statistical Demography I (Chair,
William M. Mason, University of California, Los
Angeles; Discussant, Yu Xie, University of Michigan)

     "Bootstrapping the Multi-State Life Table" -
     Charles A. Calhoun, Office of Fedeeral Housing
     Enterprise Oversight.

     "Modeling Disease Prevalence and Associations
     Among Diseases in Older Americans" - Young J. Kim,
     Adrienne Mihelic and Yan Yan, Johns Hopkins

** Session 80 on: Demographic and Social Determinants
of Labor Market Experience (Chair and Discussant, Nan L.
Maxwell, California State University, Hayward)

     "The Effect of Health on Labor Force Transitions of
     Older Men" - David M. Blau, Donna B. Gilleskie, and
     Charles Slusher, University of North Carolina,
     Chapel Hill.

** Session 81 on: Aging, Health and the Family (Chair,
Yean-Ju Lee, University of Hawaii and East-West Center;
Discussant, Laura Rudkin, University of Texas Medical

     "Social, Cognitive, Physical and Emotional
     Functioning at Older Ages: Relationship to Family
     Structure and Living Arrangements" -- Linda Waite
     and Mary E. Hughes, University of Chicago.

     "Ethnic Differences in the Adjustment to Poverty
     and Disability among Unmarried Elderly Persons: An
     Analysis of Multi-State Transitions in Living
     Arrangements from 1984 to 1990" - Keong-Suk Park
     and Roger C. Avery, Brown University.

     "The Interaction of Caregiving and Life Course
     Events" - Janice I. Farkas, Duke University, and
     Christine L. Himes, Syracuse University.

     "Older Couples: An Examination of Health and
     Retirement within the Context of the
     Family" - Amy M. Pienta, Pennsylvania State

** Session 91 on: Trends, Causes, and Consequences of
Retirement in Comparative Perspective (Chair, Albert
Hermalin, University of Michigan; Discussant, Howard
Iams, Social Security Administration)

     "Trends in Retirement Age in Germany, Japan,Sweden,
     and the United States Since the 1960s" - Murray
     Gendell, Georgetown University.

     "Intergenerational Transfers and Retirement:
     Comparison between the United States and Taiwan" -
     Shiau-ping Rosa Shih and Robert J. Willis,
     University of Michigan.

     "The Contribution of Age Composition and Fertility
     to Recent Changes in Income Inequality in Taiwan" -
     T. Paul Schultz, Yale University.

     "The Living Arrangements of the Elderly in China:
     The Role of the Government's Pension and
     Urbanization Policies: - Jing Shi and Rosemary S.
     Cooney, Fordham University.

 ** Session 92 on : The Demography of Disability (Chair,
Karen Kuhlthau, Massachusetts General Hospital;
Discussant, Yean-Ju Lee, University of Hawaii and
East-West Center)

     "Workplace Characteristics and Pathways to
     Disability" - Amy M. Pienta, Pennsylvania State
     University, and Eileen M. Crimmins, University of
     Southern California.

     "Changing Patterns of Functional Limitations Among
     Older Americans" - Vicki A. Freedman and Linda G.
     Martin, RAND.

** Session 93 on: Biological Demography (Chair, Maxine
Weinstein, Princeton University)

     "Population Biology of Life Span" - James R. Carey,
     University of California, Davis.

** Session 98 on: Mathematical Demography (Chair, Ian
Diamond, University of Southampton; Discussant, John
Wilmoth, University of California, Berkeley)

     "Population Momentum Expresses Population Momentum"
     - Young J. Kim and Robert Schoen, Johns Hopkins

     "What Difference Does the Dependence Between
     Durations Make: Insights for Demographic Studies of
     Aging" - Anatoli Yashin and Ivan Iachine, Odense

     "Modeling Intergenerational Continuities in
     Behaviour" - Mike Murphy and Duolao Wang, London
     School of Economics.

** Session 118 on: Measurement, Trends, and
Differentials in Healthy Life Expectancy (Chair: Emily
M. Agree, Johns Hopkins University)

     "Measuring Healthy Life Expectancy for States Using
     the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System" -
     John E. Anderson, Deborah Holtzman, and Shayne
     Bland, National Centers for Disease Control and

     "Disease Free Life Expectancy: Where do Middle-Aged
     African Americans Fit In?" - Mark D. Hayward,
     Pennsylvania State University.

     "Trends in Life Expectancy Without Handicap in
     Canada Between 1986 and 1991" - Yves Carriere,
     University Institute of Social Gerontology of
     Quebec, and Jacques Legare, University de Montreal.

     "Social Differentials in Health Expectancy
     --Methodological Problems" - Emmanuelle Cambois and
     Jean-Marie Robine, INSERM.

     "Active Life Expectancy Levels and Differentials in
     Late Nineteenth Century
     America" - Cheryl Elman, University of Akron, and
     George C. Myers, Duke University.

** Session 119 on: Studies of Moving and Migration:
Determinants and Consequences (Chair, Margaret
Michalowski, Statistics Canada; Discussant, Alan B.
Simmons, York University)

     "Plans for Moving Among the Elderly in Taiwan and
     Their Outcomes: A Panel Study" - Albert I.
     Hermalin, Carol Roan, University of Michigan, and
     Ming-Chen Chang, Taiwan Provincial Institute of
     Family Planning.

** Session 122 on: Aging Demographics and Public Policy:
A Comparative Perspective (Chair, Stephen Sandell,
Social Security Administration; Discussant, David
Lindeman, The World Bank)

     "Population Aging and Intergenerational Transfers
     in China" - Xuejun Yu, Yale University.

     "Pension Reform in China: Preparing for the Future"
     - Loraine A. West, U.S. Bureau of the Census".

     "Social Security Reform in Germany: Policy Choices
     Facing the German Parliaments Study Commission on
     Demographic Change'" - Gert G. Wagner, University
     of Bochum and German Institute for Economic
     Research, Berlin.

     "Sex-Specific Equivalent Retirement Ages for
     Brazil: 1950-2050" - Marcia Calda De Castro and
     Fernando Fernandes, CEDEPLAR, Brazil.

** Session 135 on: Quality of Life for Older Women
(Chair,Victoria Velkoff, U.S. Bureau of the Census;
Discussant,Yvonne Gist, U.S. Bureau of the Census)

     "Links to Children and Life Satisfaction: Evidence
     from Rural Russia" - Cynthia Buckley, University of
     Texas, Austin.

     "Social Support of Older Women in Egypt" - Zeinab
     Khadr, University of Michigan.

     "Assessment of Health Related QOL and the Need for
     Care in Elderly Chinese: Results from the 1988
     Urban Elderly Survey in the People's Republic of
     China" - Zhao Wu, University of Texas Medical
     Branch, Bihui Zhang, Panyu University of Science
     and Technology, and Hongbin Huang, Hubei Institute
     of Social Research.

     "Why Are So Many Older Women Poor? Late-Life
     Events or Life-Long Circumstances?" - Sharmila
     Choudhury, Social Security Administration.

** Session 140 on: The Demography of Canada (Chair,
Parameswara Krishnan, University of Alberta;
Discussant, K.V. Rao, Bowling Green State University)

     "Marital Stability Among the Middle-Aged and
     Elderly Population in Canada" - Jessie M. Tzeng,
     McGill University.

** Poster Session II

     P70 - "Family as a Support/Care System in Later
     Life: Patterns and Determinants in Modern China" -
     Juxin Di and Emily Rosenbaum, Fordham University.

     P71 - "Factors Affecting Mother's Geographic
     Proximity to Adult Children" - Barbara A. Downs,
     University of Michigan.

     P99 - "Limitations in Activities of Daily Living
     and the Use of Health Services in an Elderly Rural
     Population " - Hiroko H. Dodge and Mary Ganguli,
     University of Pittsburgh.

     P105  - "The Effects of Varying Assumptions of
     Active Life Expectancy on Lifetime Nursing Home
     Use" - Sarah B. Laditka, State University of New
     York, Utica-Rome.

     P108 - "A Comparative Analysis of Mortality
     Structures and Trends in Eastern Europe and Latin
     America" - Natalia Deeb and Patrick Saucier,
     University of South carolina.

     P109 - "Poverty and Adult Mortality: A Contextual
     Analysis" - April A. Greek, University of

     P111 - "The Relationship Between Race/Ethnicity,
     Income, and Mortality in the United States:
     Evidence from the National Health Interview Survey
     (1986-1990)" - Jay S. Kaufman and Andrew E. Long,
     Loyola University.

     P112 - "The Effect of Educational Attainment on
     Mortality Rates and Cause of Death Structures" -
     Kristen Robinson, Pennsylvania State University.

     P116 - "Distribution and Concentration of Income
     Among Elderly Immigrants, Canada, 1990" - K. G.
     Basavarajappa, Statistics Canada.

** Poster Session III

     P155 - "A Method for Predicting Death and Illness
     in the Elderly" - Michael Anderson, University of
     California, Berkeley.

     P156 - "The Population of Russia: Fewer and Older:
     Demographic Scenarios for Russia and its Regions" -
     Evgeny Andreev, Goscomstat of Russia, Sergei
     Scherbov and Frans Willekens, University of
     Groningen, The Netherlands.

     P157 - "Headship Status Among the Elderly: A
     Comparison Between Chinese-Americans and Whites,
     1990" - Qian Cai and Rongjun Sun, Brown University.
     P158 - "Aging and the Family, The Indonesian Case"
     - M. Djuhari Wirakartakusumah, Hisar Sirait and
     Zainul Hidayat, University of Indonesia.

     P159 - "Demographic Aging in Latin America" -
     Roberto Ham-Chande, El Colegio de Frantera Norte.

     P160 - "Moves Among Household Types of Japanese
     Elderly"  - Kiyosi Hirosima, Shimane University.

     P161 - "A Correspondence Analysis of Items
     Measuring Functional Disability Among the U.S.
     Elderly" - Vicky L. Lamb and Katherine Faust,
     University of South Carolina.

     P162 - "Poverty and Ageing in Zimbabwe" - Nyasha
     Madzingira, University of Zimbabwe.

     P163 - "The Influence of Demographic and Health
     Factors on Functional Status Trajectories" - Chuck
     W. Peek and Eleanor Palo Stoller, University of

     P164 - "Does Rapid Fertility Decline of Young
     Cohorts in Rural Poor Areas Adversely Affect
     Welfare Status of the Elderly? A Case Study of Two
     Villages in China" - Po Wang, Johns Hopkins
     University, and Shinyan Chao, Western Africa

     P165 - "Age Reporting and Family Household
     Structure of Centenarians in China - With an
     International Comparison to Sweden and Denmark" -
     Wang Zhenglian, Odense University, and Zeng Yi,
     University of Minnesota.

     P180 - "Innovations in Life History Calendar
     Applications" - William G. Axinn, Lisa D. Pearce,
     Pennsylvania State University, and Dirgha Ghimire,
     Population and Ecology Research Laboratory, Nepal.