Symposium to Honor F. Thomas Juster

DATE: Friday and Saturday, December 13 & 14, 1996

Friday:     Symposium begins, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.,
            Vandenberg Room, Michigan League, University of Michigan
Saturday:   Symposium concludes, 8:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.,
            Hussey Room, Michigan League, University of Michigan


Friday, December 13:  8:30 am - 12:00 pm

Survey Methods

      8:30-8:45    Introduction
      8:45-9:30    "Advances in Survey Methodology in the Measurement of
                   Income, Wealth and Health."
                   Daniel Hill and Willard Rodgers.
                   Discussant: Richard Campbell

Measurement and Use of Noneconomic Data

      9:30-10:15   "Cognitive Functioning and Economic Decision-Making."
                   Linda Wray, Regula Herzog, Robert Willis, and Robert
                   Discussant: Linda Waite
      10:15-10:30  Break
      10:30-11:15  "The Distribution of Wealth in the HRS and AHEAD:
                   Findings and Implications."
                   James P. Smith *
                   Discussant: Charlie Brown
      11:15-12:00  "Intergenerational Transfers: Blood, Marriage and
                   Gender Effects on Household Decisions."
                   Beth Soldo, Doug Wolf, and John Henretta.
                   Discussant:  Kathleen McGarry

Friday, December 13:  1:15 pm - 5:00 pm

Wealth and Saving Behavior

      1:15-2:00    "Lifetime Income, Saving Choices, and Assets at
                   David Wise and Steven Venti.
                   Discussant: Paul Wachtel
      2:00-2:45    "Pension Wealth and Social Security."
                   Alan Gustman, Olivia Mitchell, Tom Steinmeier, and
                   Andrew Samwick.
                   Discussant: Lee Lillard
      2:45-3:00    Break
      3:00-3:45    "The Size and Distribution of Wealth in the United
                   States: A Comparison Across Surveys."
                   Edward Wolff.
                   Discussant:  Tom Juster
      3:45-4:30    "Preventive Behaviors and Subjective Appraisals of
                   Health Risks."
                   Robert Wallace and Beth Soldo. *
                   Discussant:  Mark McClellan

Saturday, December 14:  8:30 am - 12:00 noon

Measurement of Expectations

      8:30-8:45    Introduction
      8:45-9:30    "The Several Cultures of Research on Subjective
                   Charles Manski and Jeff Dominitz.
                   Discussant: Sherwin Rosen
      9:30-10:15   "An Empirical Comparison of Subjective Probabilities
                   with Outcomes."
                   Michael Hurd.
                   Discussant: Jeff Dominitz
      10:15-10:30  Break


      10:30-11:15  "Health, Work and Economic Status: A Cross National
                   Comparison of United States and Dutch Men Nearing
                   Retirement Age."
                   Richard Burkhauser, Debra Dwyer, Maarten Lindeboom,
                   Jules Theeuwes, and Isolde Wottiez.
                   Discussant: John Rust
      11:15-12:00  "Measuring Investment in Young Children with Time
                   Anders Klevmarken and Frank Stafford.
                   Discussant: Miles Kimball

* The order of these two papers was reversed to accommodate schedules
  of the presenters.