Journal of Human Resources HRS Special Issue


To follow is the table of contents and bibliography for the recently published special supplemental issue of the Journal of Human Resources featuring the Health and Retirement Study.

The Journal of Human Resources Volume 30 Supplement 1995 Published by The University of Wisconsin Press
Special Issue The Health and Retirement Study Data Quality and Early Results Special HRS Issue Editors: Richard V. Burkhauser and Paul J. Gertler
Richard V. Burkhauser       Introduction
Paul J. Gertler

F. Thomas Juster            An Overview of the Health and Retirement Study
Richard Suzman

Alan L. Gustman             Retirement Measures in the Health and
Olivia S. Mitchell          Retirement Study
Thomas L. Steinmeier

Robert B. Wallace           Overview of the Health Measures in the Health
A. Regula Herzog            and Retirement Study

Beth Soldo                  Family Structure and Transfer Measures in the
Martha S. Hill              Health and Retirement Study:
                            Background & Overview

Marilyn Moon                Economic Status Measures in the Health and
F. Thomas Juster            Retirement Study

James P. Smith              Racial and Ethnic Differences in Wealth in
                            the Health and Retirement Study

Kathleen McGarry            Transfer Behavior in the Health and Retirement
Robert F. Schoeni           Study:  Measurement and the Redistribution of
                            Resources Within the Family

John Bound                  Race and Education Differences in Disability
Michael Schoenbaum          Status and Labor Force Attachment in the
Timothy Waidmann            Health and Retirement Study

Michael D. Hurd             Evaluation of the Subjective Probabilities
Kathleen McGarry            of Survival in the Health and Retirement Study

Pamela Loprest              Gender, Disabilities, and Employment in the
Kalman Rupp                 Health and Retirement Study
Steven H. Sandell

Burkhauser, Richard and Gertler, Paul (eds.), The Journal of Human Resources, Volume 30, 1995 Supplement, The University of Wisconsin Press.