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Important Note: This list of changes is provided for historical purposes only. Site modifications may have been superseded, publications updated, links rendered inactive, and navigation paths altered or deleted.

2004 Change Log

December 23, 2004:

October 19, 2004:

  • The Health and Retirement Study Bibliography and its companion, the Dynamic Bibliography have been updated to reflect recent publications based on the analysis of HRS data. The publication database now contains information on 907 items.
  • Master Codes have been added to the codebook information for Core Biennial HRS files. The master code lists are referred to by other areas of the codebook since they are too long to include in the codeframe. Master code lists include such information as Health Conditions, Occupation Codes, Industry Codes, and State and Country Codes.
  • The HRS Web Log has been removed from the site.

October 8, 2004:

September 27, 2004:

  • The Question Concordance has been updated to reflect the final release of HRS 2002 Core.
  • An additional Question Concordance change involves retrievals that include AHEAD 1993 questions. These now link directly to the Codebook, allowing users to see question text, user notes, frequencies, and codeframes.

September 24, 2004:

August 19, 2004:

August 13, 2004:

July 20, 2004:

July 1, 2004:

June 30, 2004:

June 17, 2004:

May 18, 2004:

  • New and improved abstract freetext search feature added to the Dynamic Bibliography page. Users may now search for citations containing all words in a list, a phrase, and/or any word in a list.

March 24, 2004:

  • Links to questionnaire files (in PDF format) for the 1999 HRS Mailout and the 2001 Consumption and Activities Mail Survey (CAMS) have been added to the Questionnaires page.

March 17, 2004:

  • HRS variable cross-reference information has been added to selected records in the On-Line Concordance database. This experimental feature allows users to compare similar questions across waves for years 1995 through 2002. Look for the Xref link in the retrieval set returned by your query

February 13, 2004:

  • Site Statistics page modified; now displays information only about the recent past.

February 10, 2004:

January 14, 2004:

January 6, 2004:

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