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1996 Change Log

Dec 24, 1996:
- The HRS Wave 2 Partial Release is now available under "Data and Files". Files will be added as they are completed. When the entire release is ready, it will replace the partial release.
- "HRS Wave 2 Progress" item updated on main page.
- Two News items added: "Partial HRS Wave 2 Release now available" and "Staff availability during the holiday season".

Dec 20, 1996:
- Weights may not be available with the HRS Wave 2 December 24, 1996 Partial Release, and documentation was changed to reflect this.

Dec 19, 1996:
- Item added to header of main page: "HRS Wave 2 Progress".

Dec 18, 1996:
- Two news items added: "Partial HRS Wave 2 Release on December 24, 1996" and "Your Aging Conference Here!".

Dec 1, 1996:
- Two news items added: "HRS and AHEAD at January 1997 ASSA" and "Symposium to Honor F. Thomas Juster (December 13-14)".
- Usage statistics and search index updated.

Nov 19, 1996:
- Expected data release dates for AHEAD updated in 'Data Release Information' (reached via the main page).

Nov 18, 1996:
- Sociometrics Corporation website added under "Other Sites of Interest".

Nov 5, 1996:
- NACDA (National Archive of Computerized Data on Aging) website added under "Other Sites of Interest"/ "University of Michigan"/ "ICPSR".

Nov 1, 1996:
- The document 'Data Release Information', accessible from the main page, updated to include descriptions of and how to obtain access to HRS and AHEAD datasets of all types (preliminary, public, and restricted).
- Usage statistics and search index updated.

Oct 25, 1996:
- News item added: "November Exhibits of HRS and AHEAD in the Washington D.C. Area".
- HRS and AHEAD Data Release Schedule (estimated, where appropriate) made available through front page.
- HRS and AHEAD Overviews moved from Information to front page.
- Staff page updated for Janet Keller.
- Error correction: Corrected spelling of the name of author Brent Berry on the descriptive paper "The Florida AHEAD Respondents: Characteristics of Florida's Elderly Population Aged Seventy and Over". Sorry about that!

Oct 11, 1996:
- Three News items added: "Six New Members Named to the National Advisory Council on Aging", "HRS Wave 1 Restricted SSA Summary File Now Available", and "HRS Wave 1 Restricted Geographic Indicators File Now Available".
- New paper added to Papers and Publications/ Descriptive: "Construction of the Earnings and Benefits File (EBF) for Use with the Health and Retirement Survey", by Mitchell, Olson, and Steinmeier.

Oct 7, 1996:
- News item added: "Event to Honor Recent Retirement of F. Thomas Juster".

Oct 1, 1996:
- Usage statistics updated.

Aug 27, 1996:
- Error Listing (under Information/ Error Listing/ HRS Wave 1/ Codebook) added: "V2814 (F22) top code".

Aug 21, 1996:
- The MSA/Non-MSA flag inadvertently missing from HRS Wave 1 can now be found in the self-decompressing file 'MSAFLAG.EXE' under Data and Files/ HRS Wave 1 Files.
- A number of minor changes have been made to the Restricted Data application documents under Data and Files. Of most importance are the date stamps at the bottom of documents to indicate the most recent version, and that in all places where forms are signed, the date of signature must also be given.
- The paper "Technical Description of the AHEAD Survey Sample Design" under Information/ Reference/ AHEAD Information has been updated slightly. In section 3.E, the phrase "...Persons in the 11 HRS..." has been changed to "...Persons in the 12 HRS...". In section 7.D, Table 7-4 has been corrected.
- Error correction added for HRS Wave 1 under Information/ Error Listing/ HRS Wave 1 Data Files: "HEALTH: Missing Data Codes for V1538".
- All papers from the HRS Wave 1 Early Results Workshop (under Papers and Publications) were previously listed as being from 1994; they are now correctly listed as originating in 1993.
- Two new sites added to "Other Sites of Interest", under the NIH/NIA: Behavioral and Social Research Program; and Office of Demography of Aging.
- HRS/AHEAD presence at 1996 PAA meeting noted under Usage Statistics.

Aug 1, 1996:
- Usage statistics and search index updated.

Jul 31, 1996:
- A search utility is now available on the main page. It allows users to scan by keyword(s) all areas of the HRS and AHEAD Web Page that do not require registration (i.e. not the "Data and Files" section).
- The HTML title for each of the hundreds of pages that comprise the HRS and AHEAD Web Page has been changed to reflect the path taken to get to the page. This makes using the search utility a bit easier.
- "Data" section renamed to "Data and Files" because the latter is more appropriate.

Jul 30, 1996:
- Under Information/Frequently Asked Questions, the question "How do I get access to HRS Preliminary Releases?" and its answer have been added.
- While not technically an error, "What are the values for the range card codes?" has been added under Information/Error Listing/HRS Wave 1 Codebook.
- Under Information/Error Listing has been added an item of interest to users of the HRS Wave 2 Preliminary Release Files (Beta Version). It is titled "Duplicate Case IDs in the file W1W2CS".
- Association for the Study of Demography of Aging (ASDA) added to Other Sites of Interest.

Jul 29, 1996:
- Wording under Papers and Publications was redone to emphasize that questions concerning obtaining papers in the HRS/AHEAD Working Paper Series are appropriate for PSC Publications, but that either HRS Questions or the authors themselves should receive inquiries regarding availability of papers outside of the series.

Jul 15, 1996:
- Error correction updated: the Data Description for Wave 1 of HRS states that the file EMPLOYER.* contains 1136 variables when in actuality it only contains 1135. This is now reflected under Information/ Error Listing/ Health and Retirement Study/ Wave 1 Data Description and Usage/ Section 6 - Data Description.

Jul 12, 1996:
- Version 0.30 of the EXTRACT Data Management Utilities added under Other Files of Interest/ EXTRACT Data Management Utilities /Files. This is the version that was used in the afternoon sessions of the 1996 ISR Summer Institute Workshop on the Health and Retirement Study at the University of Michigan.

Jul 10, 1996:
- One staff information page added to "Information/Staff" (Beth Soldo); includes a link to Georgetown's Department of Demography.

Jul 2, 1996:
- Old News item added ("The 29th Annual Meeting of the Society for Epidemiologic Research", June 13-15) even though the event has already passed, because presentations relevant to HRS and AHEAD were given.

Jul 1, 1996:
- The HRS and AHEAD Bibliography, under Papers and Publications, is now categorized by substantive area rather than by conference. Suggestions and corrections as far as categorization are welcomed; there is certainly room for improvement.
- In Papers and Publications, the HRS and AHEAD Bibliography and appropriate abstracts have been updated in light of the special Journal of Human Resources issue (Volume 30, 1995 supplement) devoted to the Health and Retirement Study.
- In Papers and Publications, the format for references in the HRS and AHEAD Bibliography is slightly different. At the bottom of each reference, if applicable, is the conference the paper appeared at, the abstract, and a link to PSC Publications to order HRS/AHEAD Working Papers.
- Usage statistics updated.

Jun 28, 1996:
- Two News items added: "Applications being taken for HRS Restricted Social Security Data" and "HRS and AHEAD at the ASA in New York".
- HRS/AHEAD Working Paper Series submission information added to Papers and Publications.
- One staff information page added to "Information/Staff" (Kathy Terrazas).

Jun 24, 1996:
- Applications are now being taken for access to the HRS Wave I Social Security Administration Dataset, Version 1.0. This dataset is a Restricted Release File, and applications must be successfully submitted and approved by HRS before receiving it. The paperwork required to initiate the process is found under "Data/ Restricted Release Files".
- All forms and documentation required to apply for access to HRS Restricted Release Files are now available under "Data".

Jun 4, 1996:
- Usage statistics updated.

May 23, 1996:
- One staff information page added to "Information/Staff" (Bill Rodgers).

May 22, 1996:
- Two staff information pages added to "Information/Staff" (Regula Herzog and Linda Wray).

May 20, 1996:
- Error added to Information/ Error Listing for HRS Wave 1 data files: "HHLIST.DA, KIDS.DA, PARENTS.DA, SIBS.DA: Logical Record Lengths". Even though this item is listed under errors, it is not necessarily an error, and analyses should not be affected.

May 17, 1996:
- Question added to HRS/AHEAD Frequently Asked Questions document (under Information): "Why is there missing data in my HRS analyses, but not the codebook?"

May 16, 1996:
- Submission information for the HRS/AHEAD Working Paper Series temporarily removed from Papers and Publications due to its draft nature.
- One staff information page added to "Information/Staff" (Terry Adams); biographical sketch added for Robert Wallace.

May 14, 1996:
- A series description and submission information for HRS and AHEAD Working Papers may now be found under "Papers and Publications".
- "Papers and Publications" is now linked to the PSC Publications page at the Population Studies Center, University of Michigan. Reprints of many HRS and AHEAD Working Papers are available for free through this service.
- Users of HRS and AHEAD data may now inform HRS and AHEAD staff of their publications through an online form under "Papers and Publications". Bibliographical information for such publications will later appear as part of the HRS and AHEAD Bibliography.
- "Other Sites of Interest" updated to include: National Institute on Aging, U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging, UC Berkeley Aging Center, Duke Center for Demographic Studies, and RAND Center for the Study of Aging web sites; and ECNAGING and POPAGING electronic mailing lists.
- "Other Files of Interest" updated to include: Adobe Acrobat Reader, WinVN news reader, and mIRC chat client.

May 13, 1996:
- "HRS Wave II Respondent Report" added to Information/ Reference/ HRS Information.
- One staff information page added to "Information/Staff".

May 9, 1996:
- Added graph to Usage Statistics detailing accesses over time.
- Sample Stratum codes removed from HRS and AHEAD sampling documents in Information/Reference to better ensure respondent confidentiality.
- Converted all white backgrounds in graphics throughout to "transparent" for style and ease of reading.

May 8, 1996:
- Three staff information pages added to "Information/Staff".

May 7, 1996:
- "Questions and Answers" under "Information" combined into a single FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) list. This was primarily due to the low amount of user support questions received that are redundant.
- Usage statistics updated.

Apr 24, 1996:
- One staff information page added to "Information/Staff".

Apr 19, 1996:
- One staff information page added to "Information/Staff".

Apr 18, 1996:
- Error Correction: The "AHEAD FTP Documentation" under "Information"/ "Reference"/ "AHEAD Public Release Files Information" was removed because it was out of date and referred users to an FTP site that was no longer present.
- One staff information page added to "Information/Staff".

Apr 12, 1996:
- Error Correction: Presentations made by individual researchers at the Minority Perspectives Workshop on the Health and Retirement Study will be published as a symposia series in the June 1996 issue of the Gerontologist, not the April 1996 edition, as erroneously stated under "Papers and Publications/Minority Perspectives in the HRS (1995)".

Apr 11, 1996:
- Six staff information pages added to "Information/Staff".

Apr 1, 1996:
- Created "Staff" category under "Information" for details concerning membership in HRS/AHEAD committees and staff members. All content in the item "HRS/AHEAD Staff and Working Groups" (previously under "Reference") has been moved to this category.
- Updated usage statistics.

Mar 27, 1996:
- The News item "HRS, AHEAD, and PSID at the PAA Annual Meeting in New Orleans" was added.

Mar 26, 1996:
- The paper "Technical Description of the Asset and Health Dynamics (AHEAD) Survey Sample Design" by Steven G. Heeringa has been added to Information/Reference/AHEAD Information. It may be browsed online or downloaded in WordPerfect 5.1/5.2 format.

Mar 25, 1996:
- Abstract for 1994 paper based on AHEAD updated under "Papers and Publications": 94-002, "A Comparison of ADL Questions Wording in Surveys of Older People" by Rodgers and Miller.

Mar 22, 1996:
- The HRS Wave 1 Data Files (under "Data"), in addition to being available as the file DATA.EXE [6,640,567 bytes], are now also available in four smaller pieces (DATA1.EXE, DATA2.EXE, DATA3.EXE, and DATA4.EXE) to make overseas transfer easier.

Mar 21, 1996:
- Added two items to News: "HRS Workshop at ISR Summer Institute, 1996" and "Social Security Reform Conference".

Mar 1, 1996:
- Updated usage statistics.

Feb 19, 1996:
- Added Health and Human Services/Administration on Aging sites to Other Sites of Interest.

Feb 14, 1996:
- A self-decompressing file is now available that contains STATA dictionaries and "do" files to go along with HRS Wave 1. The file ("STATA.EXE") can be found under Data/HRS Wave I Files. The STATA files were converted from existing dictionaries using EXTRACT v0.20.
- The self-decompressing HRS Wave II Interview file "IVIEW.EXE" (in Data/HRS Wave II) now contains the additional WordPerfect 5.1 file "HRS2-PRE.WP5", the preload variable information.
- News Item Added: "Pilot Project Research Grant Program for the NIA".
- Seven error corrections added: "HHLIST: Person Number Changes", "EMPLOYER: V3537 (G42)", "EMPLOYER: V3551 (G45)", and "EMPLOYER: Negative Job Durations" under Information/Reference/Error Listing/HRS/Data Files, "Frequencies for G16B (V3423)" and "V4906 (K1) Inap Code" under Information/Reference/Error Listing/HRS/Codebook Files and "Section 4a-1. Data Files Outline" under Information/Reference/Error Listing/HRS/Data Description.
- Information item added: "AHEAD Wave 1 Survey Contents", under Reference/ AHEAD Information.

Feb 7, 1996:
- EXTRACT 0.20 is now available for beta testing under Other Files of Interest/The EXTRACT Data Management Utilities.
- The graphical menu selections on the index page were converted to one big image map in order to save transmittal time. (The graphical storage size is smaller, and less contacts with the host are necessary.)

Feb 1, 1996:
- Site addresses updated in Other Sites of Interest.
- "Journal of Human Resources HRS Special Issue" announcement added to News.
- Usage Statistics Updated.

Jan 25, 1996:
- The paper "Technical Description of the Health and Retirement Study Sample Design" by Steven G. Heeringa and Judith H. Connor has been added to Information/Reference/HRS Information. It may be browsed online or downloaded in WordPerfect 5.1/5.2 format.
- Users may now send mail to either HRS Questions, AHEAD Ask, Richard Suzman at the National Institute on Aging (funding questions), or the HRS/AHEAD Web Page Maintainer by clicking on the appropriate electronic mail addresses at the bottom of the main/index page.

Jan 10, 1996:
- Users are reminded to please include their name and postal service address when corresponding regarding copies of working papers. (Papers are not available electronically, and so an electronic mailing address alone is not very useful.)
- Two new sites added to Sites of Interest under Data Management/Analysis Software: SPSS and the Stata Corporation.
- "HRS/AHEAD Staff and Working Groups" updated under Information/Reference.
- AHEAD Wave 1 Papers updated (under Papers and Publications). Paper AHEAD-94-026 added, with abstract; abstracts provided for papers AHEAD-94-011 and AHEAD-94-022; abstracts for papers AHEAD-94-017 and AHEAD-94-023 updated.
- 1995 "New to the Web Page" items archived.

Jan 09, 1996:
- Web site added to Sites of Interest: "Research Group on Aging and the Life Course" from the Free University of Berlin.

Jan 08, 1996:
- News item added: "National Archive of Computerized Data on Aging 1996 Summer Workshop".
- Usage statistics updated.

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