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1995 Change Log

Dec 22, 1995:
- Error corrected: The papers categorized as "AHEAD 1994 Working Paper Series" is (for now) more appropriately labelled "Papers Based on AHEAD Wave 1 (1994)", as it is not yet an official series. Papers have yet to be chosen for the series, and authors have yet to be contacted.

Dec 20, 1995:
- A listing of HRS Wave 2 Preliminary Results Workshop papers (1995) is now a part of Papers and Publications. 17 viewable abstracts are available.
- 14 viewable abstracts were added to the 1994 AHEAD Wave 1 Working Paper Series under Papers and Publications. In addition, paper titles were updated and new papers added.
- Papers and Publications update: Papers from the 1994 HRS Wave 1 Working Paper Series should now be requested through HRS Questions (hrsquest@isr.umich.edu), not Heather Hewett, as was previously the case.
- Web page error corrected: Under Information/Reference/HRS Information, in the document "HRS Report to 1992 Respondents", the figure titled "Chances in 100 of Working Full-Time at: Age 62/Age 65" was not originally the correct figure.
- Two sets of errors in the HRS Wave 1 Data Description, Version 1.0, added to Information/Errors (Section 6, Data Description; Section D. Concepts of Merging). Date of posting added to each error listed.
- AHEAD Overview (Information) modified: Previously it appeared in the AHEAD Overview that AHEAD data had already been linked to Medicare files, among others. In fact this is not yet the case; the work is still in progress. When such linkages are available, even though access will be restricted, an announcement will be made on the HRS and AHEAD Web Page. This holds true for HRS linkages as well.

Dec 18, 1995:
- News item added: "HRS, AHEAD, and PSID at the ASSA Annual Meeting in San Francisco".
- News item added: "Staff Availability During the Holiday Season".
- News item added: "A Practicum on the Health and Retirement Survey".
- Working paper series (in Papers and Publications) are now listed in reverse chronological order. The working papers within those series are now alphabetized by author.

Dec 14, 1995:
- Web page error corrected: The official address for sending AHEAD questions and comments is "aheadask@isr.umich.edu", which had not been reported correctly. Please update your e-mail address listing.
- Web page error corrected: AHEAD early results workshop papers are not yet being distributed. It was incorrectly reported that they were available by contacting "aheadask@isr.umich.edu", and this is not the case. They will be distributed by different means at a later date.
- Updated HRS and AHEAD Web Page credits.

Dec 07, 1995:
- EXTRACT Data Management Utilities added to Other Files of Interest.
- News item added: "EXTRACT Version 0.10 (Beta Release) is Now Available".
- EXTRACT Version 0.10 released.

Dec 05, 1995:
- PKWare Home Page added to Other Files of Interest.
- Usage statistics updated.

Nov 15, 1995:
- Sites added to Web Page Mentions (Known Indices Listing the Web Page).

Nov 02, 1995:
- Two News items added: "Have you registered your use of HRS and AHEAD data?" and "Do you have questions concerning HRS or AHEAD?".
- Usage statistics updated.

Oct 18, 1995:
- Third revision of HRS Wave 2 Early Results Workshop Itinerary added to News.
- Abstracts for the 1995 Minority Perspectives in the HRS workshop included in Papers and Publications section.
- Recent news link added above main page menu.
- First attempt at a merged HRS and AHEAD Web Page is posted. All information from the original AHEAD page (http://www.isr.umich.edu/src/ahead) has been incorporated into the current structure, with changes made to accommodate aspects of the AHEAD page not already present in the HRS page. Any and all suggestions are certainly welcome.
- Links created to files in the AHEAD public FTP site.
- Information section structure changed.
- Other Sites of Interest reworked.

Oct 16, 1995:
- Revised itinerary of HRS Wave 2 Early Results Workshop added to News.

Oct 12, 1995:
- Announcement of HRS Wave 2 Early Results Workshop added to News.

Sep 27, 1995:
- An error concerning HRS Wave I calculated age is now part of the Error Listing.
- The data responsibility document was revised as follows in all locations as suggested by the Social Security Administration: "By receiving the data, you are agreeing to use conscientiously the data that have been freely provided to you, and that you will make no effort to identify the respondents therein." now reads "By receiving these data which have been freely provided, you are agreeing to use them for research and statistical purposes only and make no effort to identify the respondents therein."

Sep 26, 1995:
- "SAS Code Used for HRS Wave I Income Components Creation" added to Information.

Sep 20, 1995:
- HRS Wave 2 Interview added to Data Files.
- Additional Sites of Interest updated.
- Full electronic versions of papers were removed from Papers and Publications, as only abstracts will now be provided due to copyright restrictions. Complete copies of papers will be provided in the near future in an alternate manner.

Sep 12, 1995:
- Extensive reorganization and additions.
- Updated access counter and usage statistics.

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