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Access to Research on Aging

The Michigan Center on the Demography of Aging (MiCDA), through the University of Michigan's Population Studies Center (PSC) has been active in collecting a variety of papers on aging research. Other PSC resources include

  • The Ronald and Deborah Freedman Library holds over 45,000 publications, government and U.N. documents, dissertations, working papers, and monographs.
  • The PSC Publications page facilitates communication among population researchers by making working papers, research reports, and reprints authored by Center researchers accessible online. Search for a specific author or title by using the PSC Publications Search Engine.

Early HRS Working Papers Archive

Most of the papers in the HRS/AHEAD Working Paper Series result from the analysis of early release datasets created from the first waves of data collection on the studies. The primary purpose for these papers was to analyze data quality and to inform the next round of data collection on areas needing improvement. The series includes papers from four early results workshops (HRS Wave 1, HRS Minority Perspectives, AHEAD Wave 1, and HRS Wave 2). HRS staff members have not attempted to validate either the data or the statistical analyses contained in the working papers.