Gateway Harmonized HRS

Harmonized HRS is a user-friendly version of a subset of the HRS core data, created by the USC Program on Global Aging, Health, and Policy, with funding and support from the National Institute on Aging (NIA.) Following and supplementing RAND HRS, Harmonized HRS includes additional variables not created in the RAND HRS, and includes variables with a similar naming convention that mimics the RAND HRS and other Harmonized variables.

The Harmonized HRS initiative is part of a larger set of projects carried out by the USC Program on Global Aging, Health, and Policy to increase the availability of and ease-of-use for data sets on aging around the world. In addition to the RAND HRS and Harmonized HRS, this includes Harmonized ELSA (England), Harmonized SHARE (Europe + Israel), Harmonized KLoSA (South Korea), Harmonized JSTAR (Japan), Harmonized CHARLS (China), Harmonized LASI (India), Harmonized MHAS (Mexico), Harmonized TILDA (Ireland), and Harmonized CRELES (Costa Rica) data. This also includes a searchable website,, with questionnaires and other metadata on a larger number of related data sets.

Harmonized HRS is available from the HRS Data Download Site.

Latest ReleaseOctober 2018 (Version B)
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