2017 Life History Mail Survey

The 2017 HRS Life History Mail Survey (LHMS 2017) collects retrospective histories in five life domains: residence, education, partnership/marriage, work, and health. It builds on LHMS 2015 which covered primarily residential and education life histories. The questionnaire will be sent to a random sample of approximately 5,175 HRS respondents. The sample includes participants who are in the Consumption and Activities Mail Survey (CAMS) longitudinal sample and, as a result, did not receive the 2015 LHMS. It excludes HRS respondents who completed their core HRS interview after early March 2017 and the new (LBB) cohort that was added in the 2016 wave. A shorter version (without questions about residential and education history) will be sent to the 2015 LHMS sample in fall 2017. This survey is supported by a grant from the National Institute on Aging (R01 AG051142).

Field DatesMay 2017 – Current
Latest ReleaseTBD (TBD)
Data AlertsNone reported for this product

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