HRS-dbGaP 2006-2010 Cross-Reference File

The HRS-dbGaP 2006-2010 Cross-Reference File (Version 1.0) links HHID/PN (the unique HRS identifier) to the identifier assigned to HRS genetic data stored in the dbGaP system.

The genotype data and a limited set of phenotype measures have been deposited in the NIH GWAS repository (dbGaP), which provides a convenient method of distribution to researchers who meet NIH requirements for access. Researchers wishing to use the HRS genetic data must first apply to dbGaP for access to the genotyped data. The process to request access to any dbGaP study is done via the dbGaP authorized access system.

Once access to dbGaP has been granted, researchers who wish to link to HRS phenotype measures not in dbGaP may apply for access to the HRS-dbGaP Cross-Reference File by submitting a Sensitive Data Access Use Agreement.

Latest ReleaseMay 2017 (Final V1.0)
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