Cross-Wave Census Region/Division and Mobility File

Version 6.1 covers 1992 through 2014 and provides mobility and rural-urban information for all respondents and covers interview years 1992 through 2014. The file includes information on: Census region/division where respondent was born; region/division where the respondent lived when in school; region/division where the respondent was living at the time of interview; and urbanicity value (based on the Beale Rural-Urban Continuum) of the respondent's interview residence. In previous versions of this data set, values for certain respondents were coded in an inconsistent fashion for the region/division locations where respondents were born and and where they lived when in school. These inconsistencies have now been corrected.

Latest ReleaseFeb 2017 (Final V6.1)
Entry Cohort InfoHRS; AHEAD; CODA; War Baby; Early Boomer; Mid Boomer
Longitudinal Reference1992-2014
Data AlertsNone reported for this product