Employer-Sponsored Pension Wealth from Current Jobs in 2010

This data set contains imputations for pension data from current jobs based on both self-reported and employer data. For this version of pension wealth imputations, we use the self-reported pension plan type of the respondent to determine which method of wealth estimation to use. If a respondent reported being covered by one or more defined contribution (DC) plans on his/her current job in 2010, DC wealth for each such plan is taken from the 2010 survey self-reported account balances. If a respondent reported being covered by one or more defined benefit (DB) plans in 2010, the DB pension wealth value for each such plan is calculated by the HRS Pension Estimation Program using a combination of self-reported data from the employment section (J) of the 2010 survey and pension plan rules obtained from the Summary Plan Description (SPD) of the plan.

Note: For this version of imputations, pension wealth estimates are calculated as of 2010. In previously released versions (1992 and 1998), pension wealth estimates were calculated based on respondent age at retirement.

Latest ReleaseMar 2016 (Ver 1.0)
Entry Cohort InfoAll: 2010
Longitudinal ReferenceAll: 2010
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