Cross-Wave Respondent Pension Data Tracker File

Designed to enhance the user's ability to use pension information from various jobs reported by respondents in up to seven waves of the Health and Retirement Study. This data set is especially useful to users interested in analyzing respondents' pension history, current coverage, and pension wealth at each of the survey years. There is one data file for each of the seven waves. For each wave, information from previous pensions is brought forward to the current wave.

N1992: 12652; 1994: 11596; 1996: 10964; 1998: 21384; 2000: 19580; 2002: 18167; 2004: 20129
Latest ReleaseJan 2007 (Ver 1.0)
Entry Cohort Info
HRS: 1992-1996; All: 1998-2004
Longitudinal ReferenceHRS: 1992-1996; All: 1998-2004
Data AlertsNone reported for this product