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  • When an HRS respondent reported no change in employment status since the previous interview, certain questions relating to current employment were not asked. The files in this data release carry forward the information from prior waves whenever selected employment variables have been "skipped" in the current wave.
  • This dataset replaces the Researcher Contribution of the same name released in February 2003

N: 1994=11596; 1996=10964; 1998=13113; 2000=12455; 2002=18167; 2004=20129 Field Dates: - Response Rate: Latest Release: Sep 2006 (Ver 2.0)
Entry Cohort Info:
HRS: 1992 - 2000;
War Baby: 1998 - 2000;
All employed respondents: 2002-2004
Basic Information:
No Questionnaire Available Data Description Codebook No modules are associated with this product


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